New Research Shows Effectiveness of Phibro Nutritional Specialty Products in Optimizing Dairy Cow Health, Producer Profitability in a Range of Conditions


University researchers, dairy experts present practical research results, economic impacts of OmniGen™ and Cellerate Yeast SolutionsÒ products at ADSA

From nutritional specialty products to mineral feed additives, Phibro Animal Health Corporation is constantly evolving its robust portfolio of innovations to help improve dairy cow health and boost producer profitability. Over the past year, the company has partnered with university and dairy industry experts to research the effectiveness of many of these solutions, and multiple findings were presented at the 2020 American Dairy Science Association (ADSA) event, held virtually earlier this summer.

“Phibro takes a science-based approach to product formulations and research,” says Dave Kirk, Ph.D., PAS, Director, Dairy Technical Services, Phibro Animal Health Corporation. “The projects we supported this past year include basic and applied research with our most versatile products, including OmniGen Pro, the latest in our portfolio of nutritional specialty products.”


Testing OmniGen’s Effectiveness in a Range of Environments, Lactation Stages

Phibro sponsored several research projects to test the effectiveness of its OmniGen nutritional specialty products. These research projects included:

Impact of Heat Stress and OmniGen AF on Performance and Immunity of Mid-Lactation Dairy Cows (Thiago N. Marins et al., University of Georgia, Phibro Animal Health)

Effects of Heat Stress and OmniGen AF on Physiological and Inflammatory Responses of Mid-Lactation Dairy Cows to Intravenous Lipopolysaccharide Infusion (Thiago N. Marins et al., University of Georgia, Phibro Animal Health)

Economic Impact of Feeding an Immune Modulator to Multiparous Dry Holstein Dairy Cows (Leticia T. Casarotto et al., Department of Animal Sciences, University of Florida, Phibro Animal Health)

Effects of OmniGen Pro on Performance, Digestibility and Rumen Fermentation of Holstein Heifers (Y. Jiang et al., Phibro Animal Health)

Effects of OmniGen Pro on Performance and Rumen Fermentation of Jersey Heifers (Y. Jiang et al., Phibro Animal Health)

OmniGen Research Goes Global

While dairy producers around the world share a commitment to animal health and milk quality, dairy environments differ greatly by geography. Research presented in 2020 included several projects studying the effectiveness of OmniGen in dairy herds outside of the United States.

The Use of OmniGen AF in New Zealand Dairy Cows: An Observatory Study (B.J. McKay et al., Phibro Animal Health)

Comparison of Cow Health and Performance in 244 European Dairy Farms Before and During OmniGen AF Supplementation (R. Garcia-Gonzalez et al., Phibro Animal Health)

Connecting Yeast Culture to Increased Milk Production

During her transition period, a dairy cow requires more energy to sustain milk production. Energy used is greater than energy ingested, resulting in a negative energy balance. For decades, producers have fed yeast cultures to help improve dry matter intake, milk production and milk components. Phibro recently supported research to measure the impact of yeast culture on dairy cow productivity.

Effects of Feeding Yeast Culture Product on Performance, Rumen Fermentation and Rumen Bacteria Species in Peripartal Dairy Cows (N. Carpinelli et al., South Dakota State University)

“From cellular-level projects to determine the mechanism of action of Phibro’s nutritional specialty products to practical studies on the economic benefits of our products to dairy producers, Phibro takes a very broad approach to research,” Kirk says. “Despite its virtual format this year, ADSA remains the premier dairy science event, where the industry comes together to share the latest research results.”

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