Warm weather and rain move Manitoba crop development forward


Farmscape for July 5, 2018

Anastasia Kubinec – Manitoba Agriculture

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Manitoba Agriculture reports warm weather conditions and rainfall over the past week have advanced crop development from the vegetative to the reproductive stage. Manitoba Agriculture released its weekly crop report Tuesday. Anastasia Kubinec, the Manager of Crop Industry Development with Manitoba Agriculture, reports crop development has been fairly typical for this time of year.

Clip-Anastasia Kubinec-Manitoba Agriculture:
Most cereals have moved into the heading stage. Wheat is done flowering, our winter cereals are completely done flowering and some are starting to ripen off. Barley is heading, oats are heading, canola has just started to flower or is into full flower. Probably 50 percent of the crop in Manitoba is at flowering right now and moving out of flowering. For soybeans we are moving into our reproductive state. Lots of crops are at the fourth trifoliate to R1. In corn we are at the 12 in a lot of cases. There have been reports of some tasseling starting to occur. In sunflowers we are at typically R1 which is where the bud is visible. In some of the minor crops like peas and flax, they are flowering as well and also our dry beans have started to flower. The soil moisture conditions are very variable. In the central region we’re looking a little bit lower than what we typically would see at this time of year. They are still sufficient for crop growth and development. In the eastern region levels are good. In the Interlake levels are typically good. We have some levels that are quite high and some areas that are low. In the northwest region our soil moisture is good. They received sufficient rainfall and fairly frequent in most areas and in the southwest we do have some areas that are lower for soil moisture but they did receive some rain over this past week and so hopefully that improves quickly.

Kubinec says there are pockets where reseeding did occur due to poor seed conditions, environmental conditions or pests and those crops are delayed versus the majority of crops in the area.

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