HIPRA Canada – The Reference in Prevention for Animal Health


HIPRA is a family-owned animal health company and this is our sole activity. We are convinced that the future lies in PREVENTION.

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Headquartered in Spain, the company has rapidly expanded to over 100 countries – including Canada. Since 2013, HIPRA Canada has been working with Canadian veterinarians and producers to improve the health and productivity of their herds – and there is more to come!

Streptococcus uberis is a major cause of mastitis in Canada. It is VERY difficult to cure, so prevention is KEY. Solutions are on the way though! Follow this link to find out how you can fight this frustrating pathogen. 

Mastitis is among the costliest diseases of dairy cattle. At HIPRA we believe that PREvention is what dairy PROfessionals do, and we are laser-focused on providing the products and services necessary to prevent disease and promote productivity, health, and welfare in your herds.

HIPRA Canada – The Reference in Prevention for Animal Health

We are an Animal Health company and this is our sole activity.

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Name that bug – what causes mastitis in Canada?

We need to understand what is causing our mastitis problems before we can focus on prevention. This article outlines what bugs we’re seeing in mastitis across Canada. At HIPRA, we’ve got you covered – we sell the only vaccine in Canada to reduce the incidence of sub-clinical mastitis and the incidence and the severity of clinical mastitis caused by the top 3 causes of mastitis in Canada: Staphylococcus aureusE.coli and other coliforms, and coagulase-negative staphylococci

Streptococcus uberis: The frustrating mastitis bacterium

With the adoption of the 5-point mastitis control plan, we are better able to control contagious mastitis BUT environmental infections are on the rise. This article, written by Dr. Andew Briggs, outlines how to control mastitis caused by this frustrating bacteria. Stay tuned, HIPRA Canada will be launching a solution VERY soon!

Is vaccination key in the control of Strep. uberis mastitis?

Is vaccination key in the control of Strep. uberis mastitis? A proven field experience in The Netherlands. Once again, prevention through vaccination of Strep. uberis mastitis pays off! Today we are again in The Netherlands where local veterinarian Adriaan Beulens, passionate about milk quality, decided to go for mastitis vaccination as another tool in his tool-box to fight against Strep …


Follow this link for the latest evidence-based information on mastitis prevention!

In addition to mastitis, bovine respiratory disease (BRD) is a major contributor to poor animal health, welfare, and productivity. It is the number one disease of our young animals, and it can have lasting effects on future health and productivity.

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Breaking the cycle of bovine respiratory disease

This article reviews the common causes of BRD in Canadian cattle and what can be done to reduce their influence. At HIPRA, we have 2 quality vaccines that prevent the most prevalent causes of BRD:

The very first modified live vaccine that can be used EITHER intranasally or intramuscularly to reduce the clinical signs, severity, and viral shed against Bovine Respiratory Syncytial Virus (BRSV) with a LEADING 8 month duration of immunity!

Reduce antibiotic use,

The only BRD vaccine that contains:

  1. Leukotoxin against one of the most powerful bacteria that cause respiratory disease – Mannheimia haemolytica
  2. Histophilus somni bacterin

Dr. Eduoard Timset presents an excellent overview of the role that M.haemolytica and H.somni play in BRD: