Manitoba harvest progress well ahead of normal


Farmscape for September 5, 2018

Anastasia Kubinec – Manitoba Agriculture


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Manitoba Agriculture reports this year’s harvest is running well ahead of normal, thanks to the very warm conditions and limited amounts of rain. Manitoba Agriculture released its weekly crop report yesterday. Anastasia Kubinec, the Manager of Crop Industry Development with Manitoba Agriculture, says anecdotally this year’s harvest is running about two weeks ahead of normal, due to the very warm weather conditions and the lack of rain.

Clip-Anastasia Kubinec-Manitoba Agriculture:
Harvest continues in Manitoba at a steady pace from last week. We are to the point where we can say we are completed harvest of certain crop types, that being winter wheat, fall rye, field peas. We are very close to being done harvest as well of barley and oats. We’re almost 95 percent harvested in the province and barley is at 90 percent. Spring wheat is sitting at about 85 percent harvested throughout the province. We also have had very good progress on soybean harvest. Flax harvest has begun, dry bean harvest has really begun and corn has been cut for silage so harvest progress is occurring really well. We have had very favorable weather. There was rain that came through and with that was some hail, high winds and heavy downpours of rain, which did cause some crop damage in the southwest area but other parts of the province just received the rains with no hail, high winds or the heavy downpour. One notes, with the crops report, is dry seed conditions continue with harvest where producers are having to harvest canola early in the morning or later in the afternoon, evening when humidity and the seed moisture goes up because they are getting some cracking in the seed and this is also occurring in dry beans and some soybeans.

Kubinec says most areas of the province report the growing degree days are running at least 10 percent higher than normal with some areas running 15 and 20 percent higher.

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