GEA Unveils New Products At World Dairy Expo


Source: GEA news release

Faster. More efficient. Customizable. That’s the theme of GEA’s new innovations unveiled at World Dairy Expo. From herd health monitoring to parlor stalls, teat dipping to manure handling, there’s something for everyone.

“GEA is committed to continuous customer support, and we’re driven to Imagedevelop product innovations that bring dairy farmers the most cutting-edge technology in the industry,” says Robin Matthayasack, GEA director of marketing and communication. “With these new products, we can help farmers meet current industry challenges and find new ways to improve efficiency, cow comfort and return on investment so they are well-positioned for the future.”

Check out these six new products and features:

1. Locate cows in real-time

Find your cows faster with the touch of a button. CowScout Cow Location keeps an eye on your herd and knows where each cow is 24/7.

Get the exact position of one or multiple cows in real-time – whether you’re using a computer, tablet or smartphone. Quickly locate cows needing attention for efficient herd management and less herd disruption.

2. Refresh your parlor stalls

Shiny spots or wear points on stalls can indicate your cows have pressure points on them and are uncomfortable during milking. Consider upgrading your stalls to comfortably position cows and make it easier for employees to access the udder. You’ll also benefit from new levels of parlor efficiency and cow throughput.

New Magnum LPS and Global LPS stalls provide:
• Ability to retrofit any brand of parlor
• Fast, simple installation
• Vertical lift rapid exit
• Low-profile, customizable stall sizes

3. Custom blend teat dips on-farmImage

What if you could adjust your teat dips on-demand? You can with the new IntelliBlend XP teat dip blending system.

Precisely blend a wide range of teat dip products without calibration with one easy system. For example, you can pre-dip with hydrogen peroxide and post-dip with iodine, while adjusting your skin conditioning package to meet current herd and weather conditions.

IntelliBlend offers 21 pre-programmed formulas, including some of GEA’s flagship teat dips. Blend Teat-Kote Plus, Velocity Plus and OxyCide Plus on-farm – for fresh product at a cost-effective price point.

4. Automate the teat-dipping process

Save time and better utilize your parlor labor by pre- and post-dipping cows on the way to and from the parlor. Using multi-sensor technology, the IntelliSpray XP tracks cows as they walk through the system for the ultimate spray accuracy.

Customize the sprayer to meet your herd needs by adjusting spray duration and pressure. The system works with iodine, chlorine dioxide and hydrogen peroxide teat dips.

5. New DairyRobot R9500 FeaturesImage

The DairyRobot R9500 box-style milking robot brings a new level of intelligent milking to your farm. It’s designed to efficiently welcome cow after cow and help you manage every step of lactation.

New features include:
• Faster box times
• Easier serviceability
• Longer service intervals
• Smarter software
• Superior efficiency

6. Run hard, run long with GEA Hardox 450

Use sand bedding? Or custom haul large manure jobs in a short window? Extend service life with GEA Hardox 450 PTO manure pumps.

Using a more durable pump will give you peace of mind by increasing wear resistance and extending service intervals. Hardox is available on the impeller, housing and cover plate on all GEA 8″ and 10″ PTO pumps.

Check out these new products at GEA’s World Dairy Expo booth in Exhibition Hall – 2001 and 4313. Not attending? Contact your local dealer for more information.

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