Central Life Sciences Introduces Gravista-D Insecticide For On-Farm Stored Grain


Source: Central Life Sciences

Central Life Sciences will be featuring Gravista-D Insecticide at Commodity Classic 2024, held February 28 – March 2 in Houston, TX. Designed specifically to control profit-robbing insects in stored grain, Gravista-D Insecticide combines a synergized adulticide with an insect growth regulator to kill a broad-spectrum of labeled adult insects and break the insects’ life cycles.

Gravista-D Insecticide is a ready-to-use solution for protecting post-harvest stored grains from weevils and other listed costly insects, helping users to reduce insect damaged kernels (IDK) and grain shrink.

“In our studies, Gravista-D Insecticide helps to provide long-lasting insect control. We observed insect damage on 18% of the kernels after 90 days in untreated grain infested with lesser grain borers compared to virtually no insect damage on infested grain which had been treated with Gravista-D,” said Johnny Wilson, PhD, from the Technical Services Specialty Agriculture division of Central Life Sciences. “The use of Gravista-D Insecticide can yield a positive return on your investment.”

Labeled for use in grain sorghum (milo), corn, popcorn, barley, oats, rice, rye and wheat, Gravista-D Insecticide can be applied as a pre-bin treatment and on post-harvest grain as it flows into storage for extended residual insect control.

“We’re proud to deliver an effective insect control product to help protect on-farm post-harvest stored grains,” said Nancy Stratinsky, Sr. Business Manager for the Specialty Agriculture division of Central Life Sciences.

Gravista-D Insecticide helps protect the post-harvest stored grain investment from a variety of stored grain insects including the Indian meal moth, sawtoothed grain beetle, red flour beetle, rice weevil, maize weevil, lesser grain borer and other listed pests. Gravista-D Insecticide is CODEX approved for cereal grains.

For more information on Gravista-D Insecticide as well as the complete lineup of stored grain protectants from Central Life Sciences, visit www.BugFreeGrains.com.

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