DeLaval Launches the Next Generation of its Teat Spray Robot Featuring a New, Faster Design


Source: DeLaval

DeLaval, a global leader in dairy farming solutions, has launched the next generation of its automated teat sprayer, the DeLaval teat spray robot TSR2. The re-designed solution optimizes the task of pre- and post-teat spray application for rotary milking systems offering improved cow health, faster operation, and a safer, more robust design—all of which help contribute to a reduction in labor and better cash flow.

“The TSR2 is not just a machine; it’s an optimized tool for dairy farming. It aligns seamlessly with DeLaval’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, offering a reliable and efficient solution to our valued dairy farmers,” said Jeff Hahn, Solution Manager, Rotaries and Parlors at DeLaval. “With the TSR2, we’re providing dairy farmers with an automated robot to help them achieve efficiency, improve ROI and help ensure the wellbeing of their cows.”

The teat spray robot TSR2 features the same key benefits of the first generation TSR, including intelligent application with six spray patterns and up to 99% teat spray accuracy. The TSR2 also offers a new, gantry-mounted design to maintain a cleaner and drier robot; up to 20% faster application than the first model spraying cows every 6 seconds or 600 cows per hour; and an up to 40% increase in efficiency with two TSR2s working in tandem compared with the original TSRs, spraying at a rate of 3.6 seconds per cow or 1,000 cows per hour. As a lower monthly investment than an employee, it can improve cash flow immediately.

The TSR2 doesn’t just help enhance efficiency; it plays a vital role in cow health by promoting a consistent and predictable atmosphere where cows thrive. By applying the right amount of teat spray on every teat, every time, it promotes optimal teat health and aids in the production of clean, high-quality milk. DeLaval also offers hygiene solutions specifically tested and validated for optimal performance with the latest teat spray robot. The TSR2 focuses on a safe and reliable operation by working in step with a farmer’s external rotary, offering consistent, accurate coverage and being equipped with a multi-faceted safety system, including a custom safety fence and gate, that helps prevent accidents to personnel and livestock.

DeLaval is committed to continuous evaluation and optimization of solutions that benefit dairy farmers and the industry as a whole. The TSR2 is prepared to set a new standard of efficiency and cow health in dairy farming, offering a bright, sustainable future for dairy producers.