Fertilizer Canada: CP Rail strike will impede service and competitiveness


Source: Fertilizer Canada news release

Canada’s fertilizer industry is urging the federal government to take decisive action to mitigate the impact of the CP Rail labour strike on our sector in the midst of the spring planting season. Despite measures to address the backlog created by poor rail service through the winter, some fertilizer companies continue to experience unpredictable levels of service. A strike will further aggravate the situation.

The lack of certainty and potential disruption caused by a strike makes it very difficult for Canadian fertilizer producers to manage this situation. As one of the largest commodities by volume transported by Canada’s railways, Fertilizer Canada’s members are critically dependent on service to deliver products to farmers in Canada, the United States and around the world.

A strike will compromise Canada’s position as a leading fertilizer supplier at a critical time in the year, when farmers are applying fertilizer products to their fields.

“As the Canadian fertilizer industry exports to more than 75 countries, our members rely on an efficient transportation system in order to remain globally competitive,” said Garth Whyte, President and CEO of Fertilizer Canada. “We strongly urge the government to take whatever action is necessary to ensure minimal damage is done to the Canadian economy and especially Canadian trade industries.”