Dry Soil Conditions Impact Seeding Progress


Farmscape for May 8, 2018

Anne Kirk – Manitoba Agriculture

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Manitoba Agriculture reports favorable weather and field conditions have allowed seeding operations to get underway in most areas of the province but soils are becoming dry and rain is needed to aid crop germination and emergence. Manitoba Agriculture released its first crop report of the season yesterday. Ann Kirk, a Cereal Crop Specialist with Manitoba Agriculture, says in general soil moisture conditions have been low compared to long term average, seeding is just getting underway in most parts of the province and moisture conditions have been favorable for getting seed into the ground but moisture will be needed to get that seed germinated and off to a good start.

Clip-Ann Kirk-Manitoba Agriculture:
So far throughout the province soils are dry in most regions of the province. The exception is the Pas which is experiencing more moist soil conditions and there has been limited precipitation throughout the whole province in the last week so soil conditions remain dry. In most areas of the province seeding has started for spring cereals and peas. In the central and eastern regions the season has progressed very rapidly for these crops and is nearing completion. Corn, canola and soybeans are being seeded in the central, eastern and interlake regions. Corn and canola would be more advanced and soybeans are just starting to be planted in those regions. I think at this point farmers are likely sticking with their same planting plans. We’ll have to see what happens as the spring progresses. We have heard throughout the province that winter cereals did start fairly well and came out of the winter in good condition in most cases but there has been some reseeding of winter cereals as well.

Kirk says because of the dry conditions seeding is progressing very quickly although it did get off to a slower start than many farmers would have liked. She says there has been some work in terms of herbicide and fertilizer applications, there has been limited tillage due to the dry conditions and we are seeing limited weed growth which is also affecting the timing of herbicide applications.

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