From desktop to field: Software helps farmers protect crops


Source: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

The Computer Centre for Agricultural Pest Forecasting (CIPRA) is a user-friendly software that can predict the development of pests, crops and some post-harvest disorders based on hourly weather data and forecasts. It lets farmers plan and calculate- in real time- the best time to use pest controls to protect crops.

The software gathers weather observations from several automatic stations across Quebec and relies on weather forecasts as well. It combines these data to develop bioclimatic models and calculate the likelihood of pest development.

The CIPRA system includes 130 bioclimatic models that can be applied to 25 different crops. This constantly evolving system is Canada’s largest database of bioclimatic models for real-time forecasting. Its approach is a major step forward for farmers looking to reduce pesticides in the environment and promote sustainable crop production systems.

Organized in modules (by crop), CIPRA’s bioclimatic models can be shared quickly and easily with other domestic and international stakeholders. The AgWeather Quebec and AgWeather Atlantic platforms include a number of models that receive weather data from more than 300 sites across eastern Canada (Atlantic Canada, Quebec and Ontario). CIPRA is used directly by more than 250 clients and information is relayed through them to hundreds of farmers. The software is currently distributed mainly in Quebec but is used in several other Canadian provinces.

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