CBS Yeast Bioactives strengthens health toolbox for livestock


Yeast Bioactives, VHP-approved liquid options and next generation MCFA among standouts

Innovative science is the foundation of a new category of feed technology that is helping livestock producers protect and promote performance, health and immunity, in alignment with new rules and marketplace opportunities.

‘CBS Yeast Bioactives’ is a new form of feed technology pioneered and introduced by CBS Inc. for use in swine, poultry and ruminants,  following multiple years of discovery research in partnership with the novel feed technology research program at the University of Manitoba.

Recognition of its efficacy, safety and unique health advantages has resulted in Veterinary Health Products (VHP) approval for the first key CBS Yeast Bioactives solutions introduced to the marketplace, including previously released Maxi-Nutrio Liquid and new for January 2021 Maxi-Gen Liquid.

VHP-approved status

“There are many advantages to each of these two formulations not only for optimizing efficiency and performance but also for providing producers with an important new type of  health management tool,” says Mark Peters, CBS Sales and Marketing Director. “The VHP-approved status of these solutions is a major benefit. This allows producers to use the technology in a way that best fits their needs, as a highly effective, off-the-shelf, ready-to-go tool that does not require a veterinary script.”

The CBS Yeast Bioactives technology stems from the discovery of a novel approach for enzymatically treating yeast cell wall fractions to dramatically transform consistency, reliability and value as a feed ingredient, while in the process unlocking and activating a wealth of bioactive components. The development effort behind this advance was based on leveraging over 30 years of expertise and partnership in novel feed technology to identify and refine optimal formulations and applications.

CBS Yeast Bioactives technology has shown properties and activities that help to mitigate a number of potential threats that can undermine feed quality, animal performance, animal health and food safety. It has also shown a high level of prebiotic activity that further supports an optimal environment for animal wellness, performance and related productivity.

Improving plane of immunity

Maxi-Nutrio Liquid, which represented the first market introduction of CBS Yeast Bioactives, has gained widespread early popularity over the past year including particularly strong adoption in broiler production. Newly available Maxi-Gen Liquid –  featuring dietary nucleotides along with Yeast Bioactives – now further expands the toolbox offering similar advantages tailored more toward usage with piglets, calves and turkeys (production systems with larger animals and longer production cycles compared to broilers).

“The launch of Maxi-Gen Liquid is an important new step forward for the rollout of this technology, to reach more producers and offer more flexibility for different production needs,” says Rob Patterson, CBS Technical Director.  “We are looking forward to building on the very positive commercial data we’ve seen so far as more producers adopt this technology.”

As a uniquely tailored synergistic formulation, Maxi-Gen Liquid is an integrated yeast product combining multiple active components and their benefits, which when linked support the performance, health and immunity of livestock, he says.

“The formulation contains activated nucleic acids that support numerous advantages including protecting against the negative effects of stress and metabolic fatigue. The many benefits of the Yeast Bioactives component further protect and promote health and wellness, including helping to optimize the GIT environment, while improving the animal’s overall plane of immunity and intestinal homeostasis.”

Next generation health management tool

Designed for use within drinking water systems, Maxi-Gen Liquid can be administered to all livestock categories at the first signs of gastrointestinal distress, even when feed intake has diminished, notes Paul Garvey, CBS Sales Manager.

The technology also has strong value as a tool to support strategies for antimicrobial reduction or replacement, including supporting transition to and maintenance of reduced antimicrobial and RWA (raised without antibiotics) systems, he observes. As a bio-based feed ingredient, it fits well as the type of solution favored on-farm and also by retail customers and consumers of animal-based food products.
“When one door closes, another one opens,” says Garvey. “Industry has gone through a period of evolution that has demanded new options for health management. Science-based innovation is now generating new pathways to help meet that demand.”

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