Case IH Announces New Tractor Innovations, Product Expansions


Source: Case IH news release

It’s truly the “Year of the Tractor” for Case IH as the company announces seven new or redesigned tractor models at this year’s Farm Progress Show. The headliner, the new Steiger 715 Quadtrac, is the company’s most powerful tractor ever with a 715 horsepower-rated, 778 peak horsepower engine. The Steiger 715 sets a new bar for performance, delivering more power to the ground in a nimble four-track design.

In Farmall’s 100th year, the brand also provided a glimpse of what’s in store for the next century of Farmall by unveiling the Farmall 75C Electric. This new tractor is transforming the industry with the smartest electric tractor. The Farmall 75C Electric offers diesel-like performance with an average 4-hour run time and fast recharging, plus significant operational savings.

In addition to the Steiger 715 and Farmall 75C Electric, Case IH shared news and updates on the Farmall 25SC Subcompact, Farmall 25A, Farmall M series, Optum 340, Early Riser 2120, Axial-Flow 160 series combine, Patriot® 50 series sprayer and Trident 5550 combination applicator. The company also is launching a Pro 1200 Guidance Kit system.

For full information about Case IH news at the show, including press releases and visual assets, you can find the Case IH 2023 Farm Progress Show Media Kit here. Here’s a quick snapshot of the news:

Steiger 715 Quadtrac

The Steiger 715 Quadtrac, already open for orders, delivers built-in power and speed to cover more ground in less time. This newest Steiger model introduces the new heavy-duty Quadtrac undercarriage that offers increased traction to keep up with the engine’s horsepower. But it also provides the maneuverability needed to go anywhere, with better visibility and roadability to improve the driving experience in and out of the field. Plus, with a modified hood, redesigned exhaust and LED lighting, the sight lines are a thing of beauty.

Farmall 75C Electric Tractor

The Farmall 75C Electric offers diesel-like performance with an average 4-hour run time, fast recharging, and operational savings. Coupled with easy-to-use automated tech features, this quiet, comfortable, zero-emission utility tractor offers maximum versatility for jobs like maintaining vineyards, clearing an airfield, or managing a small herd.

Axial-Flow Combine and Early Riser Planter

Narrow operating windows make maximizing productivity essential during planting and harvest, regardless of farm size. That’s why Case IH has purposefully designed its latest models of the Early Riser planter, Early Riser 2120, and Axial-Flow combine, Axial-Flow 160 series, to ensure peak performance for all producers. Both equipment solutions deliver advanced technology to small- and mid-scale operations at a price point that makes sense for their operation.

Patriot 50 Series Sprayer and Trident 5550 Combination Applicator Updates

The Patriot 50 series sprayer and Trident 5550 combination applicator from Case IH offer more efficiency and accuracy with advanced technology to keep operators connected, informed and in control. For 2024, the Patriot 50 series sprayer adds to the line’s ability to maximize productivity. The updates made to AFS Pro 1200 allow for single or multi-display options, helping operators customize how they experience the built-in precision with product, guidance and vehicle controls.

Pro 1200 Guidance Kit

Case IH is previewing the Pro 1200 Guidance Kit to provide a simple and effective tech solution for operators looking to add precision to their entire fleet. Designed to enhance or install fundamental precision features, this aftermarket connectivity solution will be on display at the Farm Progress Show.

Raven Cart Automation

Raven Cart Automation seamlessly synchronizes the cart’s heading and speed with the combine during the unload on-the-go operation and simplifies the process for operators of all skill levels. With effective synchronization using local radio frequency, Raven Cart Automation ensures a smooth and reliable automated operation. Using the full aftermarket solution, farmers significantly reduce grain spillage and maximize overall profitability.

Rotary Disc Header – RD135

The RD135 is the newest addition to the Case IH RD5 series of rotary disc headers. It provides clean cutting with high leaf retention and excellent crimping for effective dry down – all while maintaining proven reliability in an easy-to-operate design.

Hay Baler and Mower Warranties

To provide customers with peace of mind during hay season, RB5, HD Pro, RB456A round balers, DC3 and DC5 series mower conditioners will now come with a two-year base warranty. For these round balers, a three-year pickup warranty has been added as well.

“At Case IH, we’re built by farmers – which means we believe in thinking and acting like a farmer,” said Kurt Coffey, Case IH Vice President, North America. “We understand the challenges farmers face every day and that’s why every solution offered by Case IH equipment is purposefully designed, engineered and built to make farmers more productive, more efficient and more profitable.”

Farm Progress Show 2023 marks the premiere of what’s next from Case IH. With a continued focus on delivering solutions to its customers, Case IH shared major launches, as well as previews of what’s to come in 2024 and beyond.