Vermeer launches new line of 604 R-series balers


Source: Vermeer news release

Most forage producers share the same goal: Produce consistent, high-quality bales. But there’s no perfect one-size-fits-all baler that will fit every producer’s needs; some want simplicity and ease-of-use while others demand smart features, high speed and maximum output.

That’s why the new Vermeer 604 R-series balers feature a range of components, features and options. Three 6 ft x 4 ft (1.8 m x 1.2 m) models – Classic, Signature and Premium – offer unique combinations that provide the right levels of sophistication, performance, speed and versatility to meet the needs of just about every hay producer.

The 604 R-series balers start with a common foundation that offers every operator the longevity and durability he or she has come to expect from Vermeer equipment. In the new 604 R-series baler lineup, the platform includes features common to all three models, including a camless pickup and rotor design, a hydraulic density system and new netwrap system.

“The 604 R-series balers were designed to provide the features and functions that every hay producer needs,” said Vermeer Director of Sales Bret Julian. “Our customers have a wide range of needs in the field, and with the new 604 R-series, they have options to find what will be the best baler to fit their operations.”

No-nonsense performance
The 604R Classic baler has its name for a reason: It can withstand the test of time. This model was designed for the forage producer who wants minimal setup and horsepower requirements. The Classic has user-friendly controls and offers both netwrap or twine options.

“The 604R Classic is suited for the small- to mid-sized producer who’s looking to get in the field and get the job done,” Vrieze said. “It’s an economical baler that offers simplicity for the producer who does not require all the latest technology in the field.”

Every man’s baler
The 604R Signature baler is one Vrieze said most embodies Vermeer versatility and is built for the widest range of hay and forage operations. In addition to moisture sensors and the ability to monitor bale shape, density and net tension, an Atlas Pro control system with a 7 inch (17.8 cm) in-cab monitor provides the 604R Signature operator real time production information, field statistics and diagnostic data in the field.

“The 604R Signature is a great fit for full-time hay producers who put high priority on versatility and convenience. It’s the 604 R-series ‘every man’s baler,'” Vrieze said, adding the 604R Signature is well-suited for both dry and wet hay, also available with an optional silage kit. “If you want more control and the ability to make adjustments in the field, the 604R Signature is right for you.”

The 604R Premium baler is strong, fast and smart. Make hay 19% faster compared to the 604R Signature and produce bales 30% denser with the 604R Premium versus the 604R Signature and Classic. An industry-first net lift system allows operators to carry the roll from either the truck or ground up into the netwrap system by using an electric thumb control. The new auto-eject helps by eliminating two steps in the baling process, while heavy-duty components and steel doors provide the toughness customers have come to expect from Vermeer balers.

“If you’re a high-producing haymaker with lofty expectations for speed in the field and quality in your bales, the 604R Premium has the features right for your operation,” Vrieze said.

Find the best fit for your farm
With three different distinct options for customers, the new 604 R-series balers offer a new level of versatility. It’s important to identify which of the models – Classic, Signature or Premium – is the right fit for your business. Identifying your operating style, specific needs and preferences is a major step in finding which 604 R-series baler will be best for your hay and forage production needs.

“There are distinct differences among the three different models, so we want to make sure customers find the baler that’s going to best meet their individual needs,” Julian said. “Working with a local Vermeer dealer will be the best way to start that process.”