Transitioning to Solar: A Sustainable Journey for Rothiemay Farms


Jesse Mitham, a second-generation farmer, and his father transitioned to a solar farm after facing years of high energy bills. He expressed concerns about the continual rise in electricity costs and their long-standing interest in green energy, including discussions about wind power decades ago.

Rothiemay Farms, housing over 100 cattle and 3,000 chickens, now relies on a ground-mounted 100 kW solar system to meet all its electricity needs. This system, engineered and produced locally in the Saint John region, allowed them to diversify their investments.

Smart Energy Company from Quispamsis facilitated the installation, benefiting from their experience in converting 17 farms to solar energy. Jeff McAloon, the company’s chief development officer and co-owner, emphasized farmers’ struggles with escalating electricity prices and the importance of generating their own power.

He highlighted the role of farms in environmental stewardship and the company’s commitment to enhancing emission control through modern technology. With a growing interest in green technology, the company is expanding its services across Canada, aligning with initiatives like Dairy Farmers of Canada’s goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

Mitham expressed hopes that the solar farm would improve the farm’s sustainability amidst challenges like rising energy costs and labor shortages. He emphasized his excitement about the environmental benefits and his consideration for his seven-year-old son’s future.