The Maizex Crop Planner: 2020 Edition By Laura Johnston, Maizex Territory Manager – West Elgin County


In these uncertain times, having plans in place for your cropping practices is more important than ever. Having a plan saves time and money, and it may also help to mitigate the stress and anxiety that inevitably arises from living through the unprecedented situation of the global COVID–19 pandemic. If you haven’t developed an approach for getting your crop plans recorded, Maizex would like to help with our easy-to-use crop planning tool, which covers maturities from 82–110 day corn. It is also a great way to start record-keeping with year-over-year planning in mind. After all, it can be difficult to remember come harvest time where trials/hybrids were planted if you don’t have it written down or recorded electronically. Not only will the Maizex crop planner help you keep track of where hybrids and trials are going, but it can also be a great tool to have in the field with you for checking plant populations or recording what herbicide or fungicide options you want to deploy.

To learn more about how to use the Crop Planner, visit my blog post with examples and pictures of each section of the Crop Planner, and be sure to let us know if you have feedback on it so we can continually improve on the tools we develop to help growers achieve better productivity and profitability. You can get a pre-printed copy of the Crop Planner by calling your local dealer or Territory Manager, or you can download your own printable copy of the file here. Good luck to all the growers out there as we begin the 2020 planting season!