Study Reports Larger U.S. Dairy Farms Could Achieve Net-Zero Emissions Within 5 Years


Yesterday, World Wildlife Fund (WWF). published a white paper on a case study it conducted looking at the potential for a dairy farm to reach net zero. DMI was not a partner in the analysis, though we provided access to experts, data and an early concept model of what has evolved into Dairy Scale for Good, a pillar of the Net Zero Initiative (NZI).

The paper concludes that under the right conditions, it is possible for a large farm to reach net zero within five years. It also shows the potential for revenue to farms and outlines the conditions required for economic viability, noting financial incentives and supportive policies, especially for smaller farms.

This paper reinforces the direction U.S. dairy has taken with the industrywide 2050 environmental stewardship goals and NZI. WWF is a world-recognized organization that is highly regarded by many consumers and thought leaders. Having WWF’s perspective that dairy can be carbon neutral is a strong voice of support to drive awareness of dairy sustainability and help shift perceptions about dairy’s role in sustainable food.