Statement from the Dairy Processors Association of Canada on Canada’s Milk and Dairy Products Supply and COVID-19


Source: Dairy Processors Association of Canada

Canada’s dairy processors’ top priority is to ensure that consumers have access to a continuous and ample supply of nutritious dairy products. Dairy processors are working hard to ensure that retailers have the supply that they need to provide Canadians with high quality dairy products throughout Canada’s response to COVID-19.

In these difficult times, the Dairy Processors Association of Canada (DPAC) is grateful for those who continue to work diligently to provide Canadians with essential goods and services: everyone from waste collectors to employees in our energy sector to those involved in the food supply chain including farmers, transporters, and food processing and distribution workers. Like all Canadians, we are especially thankful for the hard work and dedication of our health care providers.

DPAC will continue to monitor the situation closely, working with our key partners – Dairy Farmers of Canada, the Canadian Dairy Commission, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, and provincial organisations – to ensure that any potential impact on the dairy supply chain is promptly identified and minimized.