SFL unveils video showing solutions farmers can offer to meet global challenges


Source: Solutions from the Land news release

A 20-minute video presentation in which Solutions from the Land farmer leaders offer a vision of solutions that farming operations can deliver to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) promoted by UN member nations is now available on YouTube.

The 17 SDGs, represent a blueprint to promote prosperity while protecting the planet. The goals seek to curb climate change, eliminate hunger, restore water quality and promote inexpensive, clean energy, among other far-reaching objectives.

Sharing their experiences on the video are SfL Co-Chairs AG Kawamura, a California grower and shipper, and Fred Yoder, an Ohio wheat and grain farmer; SfL board member Pat O’Toole, who owns and operates a large-scale cattle and sheep operation that straddles the Colorado-Wyoming border and is president of the Family Farm Alliance; and SfL Farmer Envoys Adrienne Mollor, a Massachusetts cranberry operation owner and grower for the Ocean Spray Cooperative; and Trey Hill, who, along with his family, owns a Maryland farm that grows corn, wheat and soybeans.

Each producer explains how their operation employs innovative, sustainable practices, including integrated land management systems that produce multiple benefits such as stemming climate change, boosting clean air and water, and enhancing biodiversity. Using their cell phones and their farms and ranches as backdrops, they tell the SfL story and outline how agriculture can be a major pathway to achieving climate and other SDGs.

The video also serves as a preview of an SfL white paper and video case study series set for release in January 2021. The white paper and videos will detail farmer, rancher and forester perspectives on how transformational, systemic change can meet the global mega-challenges articulated by the SDGs. Written by farmers, the report will call for an agricultural renaissance and will outline what farmers need to deliver high value solutions that will improve rural livelihoods and the planet.

If you have questions for any of the five SfL presenters featured in the video, you can reach each by email:
• Kawamura at agkawa@me.com
• Yoder at fredyoder4510@gmail.com
• Pat O’Toole at h2otoole@gmail.com
• Adrienne Mollor at adriennesk@comcast.net
• Trey Hill at harborviewfarms@gmail.com