proAction® Update


Source: Alberta Milk, Morgan Hobin, proAction® Coordinator 

Alberta proAction® Environment Pilot Project Highlights

(adapted from the Milk Producer – May edition) In early 2020, Alberta Milk participated in the Environment module pilot project. The purpose of the pilot was to test the draft requirements and gather feedback from producers, validators, and provincial coordinators. Ninety-eight producers across Canada, including 12 from Alberta, participated.

Alberta producers underwent a training session and mock validation conducted by Alberta Milk validators. Every participant submitted feedback by completing surveys designed to evaluate if the requirements were clear, attainable, and reasonable for on-farm implementation. The following are highlights of the feedback received from pilot project.

Validation Results

Generally, the environment module pilot was well received by all national participants. About three quarters agreed the module is practical and easy to implement on-farm.

Most Alberta participants needed to renew or finish completing the Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) requirement. Over half of the national participants underwent mock validations. Their lowest compliance rate was the EFP requirement. Despite the EFP question, all Alberta participants would have passed the mock validation, with 33 per cent not having any additional corrective actions. During this process, Alberta’s primary focus was the feedback from validators and producers regarding the questions and logistics of implementation. Results from the mock validations were secondary.

Next Steps

Pilot results and feedback were provided to DFC’s Environment Working Group, which includes producer representative Heini Hehli and Alberta Milk staff member Mike Slomp. This group will make amendments to the program based on the pilot results. Changes will then be submitted to the proAction® Committee and DFC Board of Directors for final approval.

Alberta Milk thanks our pilot participants for their time and valuable input into the further development of the proAction® Environment module.

Field Services Resume

In coordination with industry field service providers from Lactanet, Holstein Canada, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, proAction® on-farm activities have resumed. These activities include full validations, Corrective Action Request (CAR) follow-ups, selfdeclaration audits and registration workshops.

Alberta Milk has prepared a return-to-farm plan that includes additional biosecurity and safety measures designed to help protect validators, staff and producers. A guiding document that outlines scheduling and the additional on-farm procedures will be included in each producer’s on-farm activity reminder packages.

Biosecurity Funding Still Available!

Funding obtained through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) to assist you in implementing the Biosecurity module is still available! You are eligible to receive $200 to for your initial Biosecurity Risk Assessment completed with your herd veterinarian.

To receive reimbursement, please submit a copy of your completed risk assessment, management plan, and cheque requisition to the Alberta Milk office before February 15, 2021. Data collected will be used for provincial biosecurity benchmarking purposes.

Documents can be sent to Morgan Hobin via fax 780-455-2196, email mhobin@albertamilk. com or text 306-850-8770. We acknowledge the support of the Government of Canada and the Government of Alberta th