Podcast: Innovation Insiders: Leading with Health and Wellness


Have you noticed a new type of milk in your local dairy aisle? Did you recently pick up a new yogurt flavor? The way we consume dairy is constantly changing, and companies are evolving their offerings to keep up – especially as consumers put more emphasis on health and wellness. In the latest episode of The Dairy Download, we talk to two leaders bringing new goods to a grocery store near you.

First up is Niel Sandfort, Chief Innovation Officer with Chobani. “Innovation is a messy sport,” Sandfort says. But that’s not stopping Chobani from introducing new products aimed at making yogurt a staple in Americans’ refrigerators. He gives us the scoop on the brand’s newest offerings and his favorite flavor.

Then, we speak with Blake Waltrip, CEO of a2 Milk’s USA Region. Developed in New Zealand, Waltrip says a2 milk is easier on the stomachs of dairy consumers. Waltrip sheds light on the product’s success in North America and how he’s hoping to reverse declines in U.S. fluid milk sales. He also gives us a peek at the next a2 dairy products we may spot on shelves.