Notice of Change: Traceability


Source: proAction®

This Notice of Change provides official notice to farmers on changes being implemented to the proAction® requirements in the Traceability module.

Tagging: now

LT2 Requirement: double-tagging dairy cattle with approved dairy tags (NLID-ATQ).

Reference: proAction Workbook and Reference Manual (Chapter 3)

Effective date: October 5, 2020

Description of changes:

Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC), through discussion with the Traceability Technical Committee and the DairyTrace Advisory Committee, has reviewed the LT2 requirement exception that allows single RFID ear tags for calves born on farm and destined for beef industry.

The resulting change is to permit dairy farmers to use either an approved dairy tag or approved beef tag for these calves. Effective immediately, the requirement is revised to:

LT2: Are your dairy cattle double-tagged with approved dairy tags (NLID-ATQ)?

– Calves must tagged within 7 days of birth or before the animal leaves the farm of origin, whichever comes first.

– Any calves born on farm and destined for the beef industry may be identified with a single RFID ear tag (approved dairy tag or approved beef tag) – except for provinces that require double-tagging.

DFC will revise some supporting documents this fall, and other documents, such as the Workbook and Reference Manual, in 2021.

Rationale*: The DairyTrace program, in partnership with National Livestock Identification for Dairy (NLID), has introduced a single white button tag for dairy cattle born outside of the province of Québec that are destined to leave the farm at a young age for the beef industry. The single white button tag is designed to replace the currently allowable use of the single yellow button tag. Using the single white button tags will keep these animals within the DairyTrace system, and the tag revenues within the dairy industry.

The proAction requirement, LT2, was revised to clearly indicate that the new single white button tags can be used by dairy farmers, in the same manner as the single yellow button tags. Note: all other animals on dairy farms across Canada must be double-tagged.

*Please refer to the Single White Button Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more information.

Note: The change to LT2 will be incorporated into the next version of the proAction Workbook and Reference Manual in 2021.