New ‘CBS Yeast Bioactives’ unlocks health power for Asia Pacific livestock


Boosting natural immunity helps animals thrive – driving profits for producers

Livestock industries across the Asia Pacific region now have access to a brand new category of feed technology that shows dramatic promise to support health and performance of poultry, swine and ruminants.

“CBS Yeast Bioactives” is a breakthrough innovation by Canadian Bio-Systems Inc. (CBS Inc.) The technology, which is gaining rapid success across key production areas of the world, has now been newly launched at expanded availability for the Asia Pacific – with custom application options designed to maximize benefits with local feedstuffs and strategies.

Driving progress for Asia Pacific

“CBS Yeast Bioactives is a completely new type of yeast-based feed technology that is very different from anything else in the marketplace,” says Rob Patterson, CBS Inc. Technical Director. “It is a new option in the toolbox for the Asia Pacific and we believe it is an excellent fit to help local producers meet the major challenges and opportunities of this region.”

The technology stems from the discovery of a novel approach for enzymatically treating yeast cell wall fractions to dramatically transform consistency, reliability and value as a feed ingredient, while in the process unlocking and activating a wealth of bioactive components, explains Patterson. The ‘freed’ CBS Yeast Bioactives are associated with multiple beneficial attributes and activities spanning performance, wellness, efficiency and safeguarding quality – opening a new pathway of opportunity for the global animal nutrition industry and related livestock and food industries.

Available in liquid formulation

The newly launched CBS Yeast Bioactives technology for the Asia Pacific is also now available in a brand new liquid formulation for use in drinking water. CBS Inc. has recently received relevant veterinary health products approvals for the new Maxi-Nutrio® Liquid, one of several products featuring the proprietary Yeast Bioactives technology. Also featured is Villiferm feed premix — a premium quality solution designed exclusively for the Asia Pacific — with multi-advantages as a natural health and performance promoting option. The science backing Villiferm shows industry leading benefits in safeguarding health including supporting optimal intestinal health.

“Today, we are more keenly aware than ever of the importance and value of keeping up a high level of natural immunity,” says animal nutrition consultant Ms. Juvy Castillo of CBS Asia Pacific. “The introduction of CBS Yeast Bioactives technology to the Asia Pacific is a major innovation for this region that comes at an important time of industry evolution — in particular with the increasing shift away from a reliance on antimicrobials. With a growing body of strong science and trials backing the CBS Yeast Bioactives technology, this new option is increasingly recognized for excellent value not only in optimizing efficiency and performance but also as a health management tool. Both Maxi-Nutrio Liquid and Villiferm represent the cutting-edge in CBS Yeast Bioactives technology.”

New level of advantages

CBS Yeast Bioactives represents a major improvement in consistency and efficacy compared to conventional yeast cell wall components used in animal feed, adds Dr. Eduardo Tuason, Global Sales Manager –  Asia Pacific, with CBS Inc. “It offers a unique and very impactful solution that addresses many of the current trends and needs of the industry. CBS Yeast Bioactives technology has shown properties and activities that help to mitigate a number of potential threats that can undermine feed quality, animal performance, animal health and food safety. It has also shown a high level of prebiotic activity that further supports an optimal environment for animal wellness, performance and related productivity.”

Optimal health and performance

CBS Yeast Bioactives technology can be used consistently as an ongoing safeguard and support for optimal health, performance and productivity under a variety of production systems, says Castillo.  “It has strong value as a tool to support strategies for antimicrobial reduction or replacement. As a bio-based feed ingredient, it also aligns as the type of solution favored on-farm and also by retail customers and consumers of animal-based food products.”

The new CBS Yeast Bioactives technology is based on multiple years of discovery research by CBS Inc. in partnership with the novel feed technology research program led by Dr. Bogdan Slominski at the University of Manitoba in Canada. This effort was based on leveraging over 30 years of expertise and partnership among both groups in novel feed technology to identify and refine an optimal application. Success was achieved with  a unique formulation that has proven highly effective.

“Our results show the investment in Yeast Bioactives pays for itself many times over,” says Patterson, who worked alongside Slominski and Dr. Anna Rogiewicz on the discovery research. It gives livestock operations and everyone across the animal feed industry in the Asia Pacific an opportunity to take success and profitability to a higher level.”

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