Leading-edge feed technology optimizes soy protein benefits for dairy

Landscape view of farm in Ile D'Orleans, Quebec, Canada with red harvest or crop storage silo building, green field of grass, dandelion flowers and cloudy, cloud sky

Farm in Ile D’Orleans, Quebec. Advances such as Soy Pass MP show advantages to help dairy farms get higher energy and nutritional value out of dairy cow rations while improving milk production and reducing costs.

Holstein dairy cows are fed in a farm

Holstein dairy cows are fed in a farm. Soy Pass MP feed technology can be fed at every stage of cow life, providing a reliable and consistent long-term solution for optimizing dairy results.

Top innovations such as Soy Pass MP unlock dramatically higher value from rations

Advances in feed technology are opening new doors for optimizing soy protein benefits for dairy operations, helping dairy farms achieve higher levels of efficient, sustainable and profitable production aligned with the latest marketplace demands and opportunities.

Leading the charge are innovative options such as the latest generation Soy Pass MP feed technology, which helps dairy farms get dramatically higher energy and nutritional value out of dairy cow rations while improving milk production and reducing costs. Soy Pass MP is a consistent, high quality and efficient source of rumen undegradable protein. It is now more widely available in the latest premium enhanced version, at higher volumes direct to dairy farms, under expanded distribution via Nutripartenaire in Quebec and Nutrition Partners in broader Canadian markets.

Game-changing solution

“With the latest advances in dairy nutrition science, and related market-driven feed technology innovation, the future is now,” says Bruno Gosselin, director general of Nutripartenaire.  “Soy Pass MP is a top example of a game-changing solution that puts the power of enhanced results and reduced cost into the hands of dairy farmers.”

The technology is a modern state-of-the-art ‘triple win’ solution addressing top demands of producers, the broader industry and consumers, says Gosselin. “It fits perfectly with the rising marketplace expectations for efficiently produced, exceptionally high-quality milk products that are produced sustainably with a minimal environmental footprint, using only premium natural ingredients in dairy cow diets.”

Doubling bypass protein levels

Soy Pass MP represents the cutting-edge of highly metabolizable, potent and cost-effective bypass protein for the dairy cow, says Dr. Mary Beth de Ondarza, head nutritionist for Nutripartenaire.

A consistent, high-quality and efficient source of rumen undegradable protein, it utilizes highly palatable soy proteins and a patented process promoting a Maillard reaction that protects these proteins from being degraded in the rumen. Studies show the bypass content of Soy Pass MP at an industry leading level of over 80 percent, averaging 21.9 percent more bypass protein compared to the most advanced bypass protein alternatives – essentially doubling the bypass protein level compared to conventional soymeal

A ‘mini-revolution’ with direct to farmer benefits

This type of highly powerful and advanced yet simple and practical to utilize feed technology represents a fresh approach that puts strong control in the hands of the dairy farmer, says Jean-Philippe Thibault, business development manager of Nutripartenaire. The ability to feed this level of bypass protein directly on farm gives producers strong control and flexibility regarding both the application strategy and cost-effective use. Soy Pass MP is a milestone innovation like soymeal was when it was introduced 20 years ago, but this time the innovation is an undegradable protein source – it represents a mini-revolution for dairy production and specifically for the dairy farmer.”


Dairy cows require a strong level of metabolizable microbial protein, coming from the rumen, to produce high levels of high-quality milk, de Ondarza explains. However, to achieve an optimized level, high producing dairy cows need a reliable source of undegradable dietary protein only achievable with dietary supplementation with this type of solution offering high bypass protein value and a high degree of digestibility. Studies show it represents the highest concentrated available vegetable source of bypass protein. It also represents a high source of Lysine and other highly valued nutrients.

Advanced sustainable solution

“This feed technology can be fed at every stage of cow life, providing a reliable and consistent long-term solution for optimizing dairy results,” says Thibault. The efficiency and high nutrient utilization advantages of Soy Pass MP also help shrink the environmental footprint of dairy production via decreased nitrogen excretion and overall reduced unused dietary components.

Sustainable solutions are the way of the future for all animal agriculture sectors and feed technology has a strong and expanding role, says Darryl Lewis, president of Nutrition Partners. “It’s an important time of evolution and advancement in Canada, the U.S. and beyond, not only for dairy but for all animal-based production sectors. A growing number of producers are making strides to stay ahead of the curve through innovation-focused approaches to nutrition. With cutting-edge solutions such as Soy Pass MP our belief is they are not only well positioned to meet today’s challenges but to drive new levels of progress and opportunity.”

Nutrition Partners and Nutripartenaire – Your Partner in Progress – are solutions-powered companies featuring dynamic integrated teams that work together across disciplines to help producers and their industries advance through science-driven animal nutrition innovation. A feature Q&A on Soy Pass MP along with more information and regular updates are available on the newly enhanced Nutrition Partners website at www.nutritionpartners.ca.