IDF launches 2019 World Dairy Situation Report


The 2019 edition of the much-anticipated World Dairy Situation report published by the International Dairy Federation (IDF) was launched today at the IDF World Dairy Summit in Istanbul, Turkey. Developed by experts from dairy producing countries around the world, the report provides an in-depth understanding of the current macro supply and demand trends affecting the dairy sector.

This 200-page flagship publication of the IDF provides an overview of the dairy sector in over 50 countries around the world and contains a wealth of information including a comprehensive set of dairy industry statistics and insight on the wide range of policies, analyses and economic factors influencing the sector.

This 2019 edition is the result of close collaboration between experts and key organisations around the globe and within the IDF. Its contents, including statistics on production, consumption and trade in all regions of the world, as well as specific observations from IDF member countries, will help the reader to gain a better understanding and respond to the many challenges and opportunities facing the global dairy market, including population and income growth, consumer health concerns and changing dietary patterns.

“The world dairy market is constantly growing and evolving, with global production of milk and dairy products increasing and fulfilling new needs and nutritional requirements in all regions and continents around the world” said Gilles Froment, Chair of the IDF Standing Committee on Dairy Policies and Economics. “The World Dairy Situation 2019 is an essential read for decision-makers and dairy sector stakeholders concerned with continuously changing global dairy market conditions.”

The publication offers essential insight on macro supply and demand trends in the dairy sector with data on global milk production and processing, pricing, consumption and trade, and brings strategic insights into a dynamic and growing world dairy market for use by dairy farmers, dairy product manufacturers, governments, academia and, ultimately, consumers of those products around the globe.

“We’re proud to present this essential tool for the dairy sector” said Caroline Emond, IDF Director General. “The insight provided on national and global dairy production, consumption and trade flows, and demand and supply trends is invaluable to the whole dairy value chain to seize market opportunities.”

The IDF World Dairy Situation 2019 produced with CNIEL and ZuivelNL, is available to purchase on the IDF E-shop. Attendees of the IDF World Dairy Summit in Istanbul are entitled to the discounted price of €300 for their electronic copy for orders placed before 15 October 2019. The price after this date will be €500.