HPAI Update: USDA clarification on Federal Order for dairy cattle


Source: University of Wisconsin

The United States Department of Agriculture recently released additional information about the federal order to assist with developing a baseline of critical information and limiting the spread of H5N1 in dairy cattle, as well as guidelines for shows and fairs. Some brief highlights related to recent common inquiries include the following:

USDA Updates on HPAI

  • Animals moving interstate to an exhibition, show, or sale may pass the 7-day testing window; is it possible to skip additional testing to return to the first farm? Animals moving interstate to an exhibition, show, or sale must have a negative test result from samples collected within 7 days of movement. These animals may travel to their home herd using the same negative test result provided the exhibition, show, or sale does not exceed 10 days of length.
  • Limit animal comingling of animals and follow biosecurity protocols.
  • Please check with each exhibition event to understand individual guidelines in place for dairy cattle.
  • Additional guidance about minimizing transmissions at livestock exhibitions can be found here.
Image featuring a scenario when testing for HPAI may be required.
Am I required to test for HPAI (H5N1) before transporting my cattle?

UW-Madison Extension Dairy Program Area has created a visual scenario-based factsheet to navigate current conditions of the federal order, based on information.

Please reference the USDA document about clarifications to the federal order and the DATCP update with additional clarifying information.

Together, we succeed by monitoring animals and people, practicing biosecurity protocols, and staying accurately informed.