GEA drives the automation and digital transformation on dairy farms


Source: GEA

Milk producers benefit from a global service support network and digital platform for herd and farm management.

GEA, one of the world’s leading milking and feeding specialist is driving digital change. The technology group sees the future of the dairy farming as a digital ecosystem of automatic and conventional milking systems supporting the trends towards consolidation of dairy farms with larger herds as well as the transformation to automation of production. A completely new digital platform brings together herd and farm management under one user-friendly, intuitive user interface. Innovative services and a worldwide network of Solution Centers promote herd health and operational efficiency. With the idea of the digital farm, GEA is installing a digital support system whose software solutions and services proactively help today’s farmer on the road to a profitable and sustainable milk production.

Automation trends in the milking sector

The trend towards fewer farms with more cows and higher production per cow continues worldwide. At the same time, farmers are focusing on automation and in some cases investments in automatic milking robots can be as high as 90 percent in some countries. GEA has been setting new standards in automatic milking since the introduction of the fully automated milking rotary DairyProQ. With the first Monobox, the unique In-Liner Everything milking process has also been transferred to the single box. Today, the latest further development leaves the plant operator free to choose: With free animal traffic or fixed milking times, the DairyRobot R9500 proves its worth as a single box on small and family farms or as a multibox system for farms with larger herds. In the field of conventional milking, the flagship milking carousel from the GEA DairyRotor product line, the GEA T8900 (US version T8800), continues to provide farmers worldwide with the most robust, efficient and productive rotary milking experience available today.

Comprehensive and uniform herd and farm management

With digital change, farmers recognize the value of data to improve farm efficiency and animal welfare. For a cutting edge, future-oriented herd and farm management, GEA brings together process data, milk performance indicators and monitoring of animal behavior. Instead of several cumbersome software programs, the digital platform offers uniform access via an intuitive, user-friendly interface. Login can be done either at home or via conveniently mobile app. A view of the entire system enables both the farmer and the service technician to detect opportunities and optimize production parameters. Analysis tools are particularly valuable for daily monitoring and decision-making: Alarms, feedback functions and reports make it easier for the farmer to manage animal health at an early stage and to improve feeding strategies while using resources sustainably.

Extended service offerings ensure maximum availability with great transparency

Operators of automatic as well as conventional milking systems must be able to rely on the reliability of their equipment and the well-being of their animals in view of the growing herd sizes. The innovative services in the portfolio DairyService therefore aim at a proactive plant monitoring and at the same time put the care of the udder health into the focus of the hygiene products. Farmers can choose between different service levels, which makes the service costs predictable and transparent. At the same time, they benefit from exclusive repair services and increased machine uptime.

GEA is also expanding its global dealer network into Solution Centers. These well-trained teams provide farmers around the world with advice, support and digital expertise to help them achieve herd health, operational efficiency and milk yield. In parallel, GEA is installing an internal management system along the service chain. It covers all DairyService activities from the farmer to the dealer and headquarters. This tool offers an efficient planning instrument for the field service technician, while at the same time optimizing spare parts planning and stocking.

During EuroTier digital, the GEA Farm Technologies division will be presenting from February 09 – 12, 2021 online the solutions for the digital dairy farm and the future of dairy farming.