DFC breaking down misconceptions by highlighting dedication and innovation of Canadian dairy farmers


Source: Dairy Farmers of Canada

Today, Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) launched the latest evolution of its powerful Dairy Farming Forward campaign, which breaks down myths and misconceptions around dairy farming by highlighting the industry’s commitments to innovation, sustainability and animal care in producing high-quality Canadian milk.

Created with agency of record DDB Canada as part of DFC’s 2020 marketing strategy,Dairy Farming Forward targets a broad range of Canadians with a focus on millennials and generation-Z consumers. It leverages the same creative approach as the original version of the campaign which aired in July 2019, using snapshots of real dairy farmers to showcase the hard work, dedication and entrepreneurial spirit their work demands.

In so doing, the campaign illustrates the industry’s commitment to environmental stewardship and socially-responsible practices in producing quality Canadian milk.

“Like its predecessor, the latest edition of Dairy Farming Forward emphasizes the forward-thinking values and practices embodied by farmers in producing high-quality Canadian milk,” said Pamela Nalewajek, vice-president, marketing, DFC. “It breaks down misconceptions by showcasing farmers’ commitments around the key pillars of innovation, sustainability and animal care, and reminds consumers that these are the same core values reflected in high-quality milk and dairy products marked with our Blue Cow logo.”

Long before they became part of the collective consciousness, environmental protection and animal welfare were fundamental to Canadian dairy farmers’ values, something DFC wanted to highlight on this campaign. These commitments are backed by proAction®, the industry’s robust quality assurance program, which provides the proof points to that effect.

Dairy Farming Forward includes campaign placements across Canada on TV and in cinema, on digital platforms, Spotify ads, outdoor signage, and in-store signage. Campaign ads will run from January 27 to March 8, 2020, with signage in-store continuing through March 23, 2020. Media buying for the campaign was conducted by Initiative.