Dairy Promotion Directors Elect Board Officers


Source: Dairy Management Inc. news release

Rosemont, IL – Leaders of Dairy Management Inc. (DMI), the National Dairy Promotion and Research Board (NDB) and the United Dairy Industry Association (UDIA) recently announced election results to lead national dairy checkoff strategies and programs to protect and grow sales.

“I’m honored to join fellow farmers and importers nationwide as we work together to create a successful future for the dairy industry,” said Marilyn Hershey, a farmer from Cochranville, Pa., who was re-elected chair of DMI. “The board and elected officers represent our partnership to fund, govern and lead the dairy checkoff program.”

DMI, which manages the national checkoff program, is co-funded by NDB and UDIA. In addition to Hershey, other DMI officers elected were:
• Vice Chair – Steve Maddox, Riverdale, Calif.
• Secretary – Skip Hardie, Groton, N.Y.
• Treasurer – deb Vander Koi, Worthington, Minn.

The NDB also elected the following officers:
• Chair – Alex Peterson, Trenton, Mo.
• Vice Chair – Connie Seefeldt, Coleman, Wisc.
• Secretary – Arlene Vander Eyk, Tulare, Calif.
• Treasurer – Jennifer Heitzel, Martinsburg, Pa.

The 37-member NDB, formed in May 1984 under the authority of the Dairy Production Stabilization Act of 1983, carries out coordinated promotion and research programs to help build demand, and expand domestic and international markets for dairy products.

UDIA officers elected were:
• Chair – Neil Hoff, Windthorst, Texas
• 1st Vice Chair – Allen Merrill, Parker, S.D.
• 2nd Vice Chair, American Dairy Association – Tom Woods, Gage, Okla.
• 2nd Vice Chair, National Dairy Council – Audrey Donahoe, Clayville, N.Y.
• 2nd Vice Chair, UDIA Member Relations – Rick Podtburg, Greeley, Colo.
• Secretary – Charles Krause, Buffalo, Minn.
• Treasurer – John Brubaker, Buhl, Idaho

The UDIA is a federation of state and regional dairy farmer-funded promotion organizations that provide marketing programs developed and implemented in coordination with its members. The UDIA is overseen by a board comprised of dairy farmers elected by respective local and regional boards of UDIA member organizations.

American Dairy Association officers elected were:
• Chair – Tom Woods
• Vice Chair – Glen Easter, Laurens, S.C.
• Secretary – Lowell Mueller, Hooper, Neb.
• Treasurer – Corby Werth, Alpena, Mich.

Farmers and co-ops founded the American Dairy Association to promote U.S. dairy to consumers through advertising and retail promotions. ADA also fosters coordination of local promotion organizations.

National Dairy Council officers elected were:
• Chair – Audrey Donahoe
• Vice Chair – Chase Fullmer, Sigurd, Utah
• Secretary – Harold Howrigan, Sheldon, Vt.
• Treasurer – Kevin Moore, Wauchula, Fla.