Bonnie den Haan elected Chair of FFCO


Source: Farm & Food Care Ontario

Farm & Food Care Ontario elects 2020-2021 Board of Directors

Election of Farm & Food Care Ontario’s (FFCO) 2020-2021 executive took place yesterday. Moving to the helm of the organization is chair Bonnie den Haan, nominated to the board by Dairy Farmers of Ontario. She replaces Christine Schoonderwoerd, nominated by Wallenstein Feed & Supply Ltd, who steps into the role of past chair.

FFCO’s new first vice chairman is Crispin Colvin, nominated by Ontario Federation of Agriculture. Janelle Caldwell, nominated by Egg Farmers of Ontario, remains in the role of second vice chairman and Joe Hickson, nominated by the Ontario Seed Growers Association, was elected as treasurer.

Chair Bonnie den Haan said, “I am excited to be moving into the role of chair of Farm & Food Care Ontario. The synergies between this organization and so many companies, commodity groups and farmers across Ontario make it a great group to be part of.”

Vice Chair Crispin Colvin added, “I’m pleased to be part of Farm & Food Care. As a charitable organization, we rely on the support of groups, companies and individuals across Ontario for our work. I look forward to helping build our connections even further.”

At the organization’s online annual business meeting on May 27, the voting membership of FFCO approved the slate of directors to the board. The full board roster includes:

  • Josh Boersen, Grain Farmers of Ontario
  • Richard Blyleven, Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario
  • Janelle Caldwell, Egg Farmers of Ontario
  • Crispin Colvin, Ontario Federation of Agriculture
  • Chris Cossitt, Ontario Pork
  • Bonnie den Haan, Dairy Farmers of Ontario
  • Jordan Fois, Chicken Farmers of Ontario
  • Brian Gilroy, Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association
  • Jim Gowland, Ontario Bean Growers
  • Heather Hargrave, Shurgain/Trouw Nutrition Canada Inc.,
  • Joe Hickson, Ontario Seed Growers Association
  • Christine Schoonderwoerd, Wallenstein Feed & Supply Ltd.

Jason Leblond, nominated by Beef Farmers of Ontario, will serve as an ex-officio member on the board.

Retiring directors Dave McEachren, Grain Farmers of Ontario and Ed Scharringa of the Christian Farmers’ Federation of Ontario were recognized for their years of service and commitment to the organization.

The board’s Governance committee will be chaired by Crispin Colvin. The board’s Strategic Planning committee will be chaired by Jordan Fois. Janelle Caldwell will chair the Membership/Sponsorship/Marketing committee. Joe Hickson will chair the Finance committee.