AgSafe Alberta launches new and improved FarmSafe Plan


Source: AgSafe Alberta

On behalf of the AgSafe Board and dedicated team of advisors, AgSafe Alberta is proud to announce the launch of the Alberta FarmSafe Plan – complete with a new manual and workbook for farmers.

In early 2019, AgSafe Alberta licensed the FarmSafe plan from the Government of Alberta. The previous manual and workbook were then modernized to meet current requirements and a certification program was created to help farms and ranches show their commitment to safety on their operation.

The safety planning guide and workbook will serve as a starting point for the development of a health and safety management system for any Alberta farm operation. These are accompanied by an electronic learning portal with courses to support the manual. There will also be courses for employees to take —including PPE and WHMIS – beginning later this year.

“When updating this plan, it was important for us to recognize that every farm is different and farmers need a safety plan customized to meet the unique needs of their operation,” added AgSafe Alberta executive director Jody Wacowich. “We are confident this resource will help farmers to realize a more efficient, effective operation and, ultimately, a safer workplace.”

To download the FarmSafe Plan resources and learn more about the AgSafe Alberta certification program, visit