Zoetis Canada Announces The Launch Off SmartBow, A Precision Livestock Management Tool For Progressive Dairy Operators



Zoetis Canada is launching SmartBowTM, an industry-leading, artificial intelligent ear tag monitor system that uses the movement of a cow’s ear to determine her health, heat, feeding behaviour and location in real time.

SmartBow monitors (1) Rumination, (2) Heat Detection, and (3) Real-time Localization.

SmartBow is a distinctive technology unlike any other dairy cow monitoring system on the market, using a proprietary artificial intelligence system—Animal Pattern Recognition IntelLigence (APRIL)—to identify and locate animals before they show visible signs of estrus and a variety of health-related behaviour.

The SmartBow ear tag is lightweight, small and rugged and includes an acceleration sensor. Receivers mounted in the cowshed forward data to a local server where it is analyzed using specially formulated algorithms, individual to each cow on the farm. Unlike other systems which compare the animal to a set benchmark, SmartBow, over time, learns the individual cow’s behaviour patterns and provides individually customized alerts, which are sent to farmers in real-time via their computer, tablet and smartphone.

Better insights, earlier, for more confident management decisions.

With SmartBow, you now have the real-time data insight you need to make the best management decisions for your herd. According to Dr. Alycia Chrenek (Senior Manager Veterinary Services: Cattle/Equine/Genetics, Zoetis Canada): “SmartBow is an exciting technology that helps dairy producers find solutions by monitoring changes in behaviour from the moment the change occurs. This gives you the power to identify a sick cow at an early stage long before she would ever show visible physical signs. It’s as easy as your mobile device sending an alert the minute she comes into heat or notifying you days before she shows symptoms. With this advanced technology, SmartBow can minimize costs of labour while allowing you to focus on what counts. Early detection allows you to involve veterinarians more quickly and accurately. And when you identify issues early, you can aim for faster recovery, and overall improved wellbeing.”

Learn more about SmartBow at www.smartbow.com.

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