Select Sires Announces Improved CowManager Dashboard


Source: CowManager news release

CowManager, a revolutionary ear sensor system that provides information about fertility, health and nutrition is pleased to introduce a new, intuitive dashboard that adds improved functionality and ease of use.

The new desktop dashboard provides at-a-glance insights, helping producers receive real-time cow information at their fingertips.

“Our new dashboard converts collected cow data into clear graphs and alerts that are immediately available in a single overview,” says Gerard Griffioen, owner of CowManager and developer of the cow monitoring system. “The dashboard also integrates our updated ‘insemination moment,’ which displays the expected optimal breeding time of each cow.”

Drag-and-drop options allow users to create a personalized dashboard to match specific needs of the operation. “You can put together your personal home screen so it suits your priorities and how you work,” Griffioen says. “The customized screen can also be set as the default home page.”

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About CowManager

At CowManager, we believe a successful dairy producer is a prepared dairy producer. With our revolutionary cow monitoring ear sensors, we ensure they’re always ahead, prepared for what’s coming, with actionable insights. We believe in working together to help producers reach their goals, whatever their ambitions are. Whether they have 20 or 20,000 cows, with CowManager they’ll have eyes on all of them. In the United States, CowManager is distributed and supported by Select Sires Inc.