Podcast: The Canadian Dairy Vet from Hipra, Mastitis, and the 5 C’s of disease Prevention


Hipra Animal Health is a progressive Animal Health company that focuses on Prevention. Dan Shock, the Business Ruminant Manager join’s us today for a candid conversation.

1. We introduce Dan Shock and hear the Dan Shock story
2. We talk about Hipra & the difference
3. We talk about Mastitis and why that is a passion for Dan
4. We discuss other relevant topics for Veterinarian’s and what Dan see’s in the field
5. We finish off about discussing disease prevention, and the “Dan Shock” 5 c’s of disease prevention

About our guest:

Dan is a 2008 graduate of the Ontario Veterinary College. He began his career in Navan, Ontario, focusing his practice efforts on dairy and beef cow health. He returned to the U of G in 2011 to complete a PhD in epidemiology, studying the seasonal variation in udder health in Ontario dairy herds. Upon graduation, Dan has worked as a technical consultant in the pharmaceutical industry and Canadian agriculture. Currently, Dan is the technical veterinarian and business unit manager for HIPRA Canada and is devoted to improving the health, productivity, and welfare of ruminants across Canada through innovative preventative products and practices.