Podcast: Energy saved is energy earned


Efficient production is the name of the game, and the key to an efficient cow is her rumen microbiome. The highlighted research this month focuses in on the intersection of Genome of the host cow, Microbiome within the rumen and the Intersection of the two.

To best understand the rumen efficiency story we talk this month with Dr. Guillermo Martinez Boggio from University of Wisconsin, about his recently released paper titled: Host and rumen microbiome contributions to feed efficiency traits in Holstein cows. Here they studied how the rumen and the host interact and if that interaction can become a selection trait in the future.

Much of the discussion today is focused around Carbon chasing. Just like “a penny saved is a penny earned,” whenever carbon is conserved by the rumen microorganism, energy is conserved. This carbon unit of energy can then be used to produce more milk when conserved.  Listen in to learn more about the interconnected web between the cow and her microbiome.