New EmGenisys Software Will Change Embryo Transfer Industry


Source: EmGenisys Inc. news release

EmGenisys, Inc., an animal health company improving success rates of embryo transfer (ET) and in vitro fertilization (IVF) for cattle producers, announces open enrollment for EmVision.

EmVision analyzes the viability and health of embryos at the microscope, giving producers and embryologists objective data to make strategic decisions on transferring embryos. The software will identify the 20% of embryos that are already dead or dying to help improve pregnancy rates.

“We have been busy in 2023 developing our technology and building the user platform to get to this point,” Dr. Cara Wells, founder and CEO, said. “We are excited to be in Denver this week for the International Embryo Technology Society (IETS) Conference and the National Western Stock Show.”

EmGenisys will be attending IETS with abstract posters and presenting “Machine learning identifies differences in morphokinetics of in-vivo derived bovine embryos from hot and cool season.” 

Cameron Hayden, EmGenisys Veterinary Liaison, said, “It is a great opportunity to present our research to peers in the industry to validate our game-changing, non-invasive software technology.”

EmGenisys will be offering attendees, at the National Western Stock Show, an opportunity to get hands-on tutorials from the team and enroll into EmVision before the embryo transfer season ramps up. They will have team members in Herd Bull Alley located in the yards January 11-14, booth 82.

“Historically, Herd Bull Alley has been the kickoff to new herd sires, products and services to the seedstock industry,” Dr. Russell Killingsworth, Chief Veterinary Officer, explained. “Launching our enrollment for EmVision fits the reputation of the exposure gained during the National Western Stock Show.”

Enroll in the EmVision product offering by contacting Dr. Wells, at and become a part of ‘Breeding Something Epic.’