Merck Animal Health Introduces Armatrex™


Merck Animal Health (known as MSD Animal Health outside the United States and Canada) announces the launch of Armatrex™ – an EPA registered bacteriostatic spray-on antimicrobial solution for use on structures and physical components in a variety of livestock production, equine and companion animal biosecurity situations. When used in conjunction with cleaning and disinfecting protocols, Armatrex – a silane quaternary ammonium salt – provides a protective coating against the growth of bacteria, fungi, mold and algae.

“Biosecurity and animal wellbeing are top concerns for consumers and producers. Controlling pathogens on surfaces that animals are exposed to is a key part of a holistic biosecurity and animal health program,” says Justin Welsh, D.V.M., executive director of food animal technical services for Merck Animal Health. “Armatrex joins a long list of products from Merck Animal Health focused on prevention of disease. Preventing disease and protecting animals from exposure to pathogens enhances their wellbeing.”

Armatrex, as part of a pathogen control protocol, provides up to 90 days of antimicrobial protection and can be safely used in many live animal settings and on a variety of surfaces. From livestock operations, veterinary clinics, kennels, laboratories and zoos to farm vehicles and delivery trucks, Armatrex can fit any operation’s biosecurity needs.

“Armatrex creates an invisible and durable barrier against a broad spectrum of gram positive and gram negative bacteria, fungi and viruses,” explains Dr. Welsh. “It provides protection while reducing surface deterioration or microbiologically-induced corrosion.”

The ready-to-use formulation does not require mixing or measuring. The electrostatic technology provides a uniform coverage of treated surfaces. Armatrex can be applied with a variety of equipment. It does not cause microbial adaptation, resistance or mutation.

Armatrex can be purchased in 1 gallon, 5 gallon or 55 gallon presentations from Merck Animal Health or its distributors. To learn more, visit