Maizex Announces One Brand for Seed Corn and Soybeans


Maizex Seeds has announced a major change to their branding strategy going forward. Starting with the 2024 marketing campaign, Maizex will be promoting both
seed corn and soybeans under the Maizex Seeds brand.

“When we launched the joint venture between Maizex Seeds and Sollio Agriculture five years ago, our goal was to ensure our joint customer and distribution base, formed by bringing two seed businesses together, was informed and engaged in our new direction,” notes Blake Ashton, General Manager of Maizex Seeds.

To support this, the company kept both legacy seed brands, using Maizex for all seed corn hybrids and Elite for all soybean varieties. “This strategy served Maizex well through our transition period as it recognized the staff effort and customer loyalty needed to build each brand in the Canadian market,” says Ashton.

“Starting with the 2024 campaign, the vision is to grow under one strong national seed brand— Maizex Seeds. This change allows both our team and dealer network to focus their efforts under a single banner and allows customers to see our best-in-class product performance in corn and soybeans through the lens of the Maizex Seeds brand.”

To highlight this change and what it represents, Maizex is launching a new look for the Maizex Seeds brand this summer. “The first expression of this brand change that most farmers will see is new Maizex field signs for our corn hybrids and soybean varieties,” says Stephen Denys, Director of Market and Product Development with Maizex. “We have switched to a darker and richer blue that symbolizes our product and team strength today and going forward. Over time, farmers will also see a difference in our advertising, online visuals, and seed bags that reflect this brand launch.”

Denys notes that what has not changed is the focus on commercializing top-yielding products and a focus on agronomy support unique in the industry. “We recognize that our customers build their success on a field-by-field basis, managing by soil type, yield capacity, and pest complexes. We continue to invest in our product line and field agronomy research to help our customers make seed and management decisions that support their success.” Denys says this is represented by the waves in the stylized M that is central to the Maizex logo, emblematic of success on the farm field by field when planting Maizex.

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