Lely improves the feed accuracy, capacity, mixing and cutting quality of the Vector feeding system


Source: Lely

Lely introduces a faster auger motor for the Vector feeding system. The higher rotational speed of the auger improves the mixing and cutting quality. As a result, less mixing time is required, which increases the capacity of the feeding system. The faster auger motor also empties the mixing tub better. This increases the feed accuracy of the next ration.

Accurate loading and proper mixing and cutting of the calculated ration have a positive impact on the economic results. By increasing the auger speed during loading of the ration, the feed is better mixed. This is the case even with a shorter mixing time. This time saving can be used to feed more often or to feed more animals. The faster auger also increases the cutting quality.

During the last few metres of dosing, the auger increases the rotation speed to fifty rotations per minute. This means that considerably less feed remains on the auger. A completely empty mixing tub is the perfect start for accurately loading the next ration.

The importance of a well-mixed ration
Good mixing quality ensures that the cows have a balanced ration over the entire length of the feed fence. If the feed components are well mixed, the cows will be less able to sort the feed.

‘The animals that sort successfully – high-ranking cows – absorb more concentrates in their diet. As a result, they have lower milk-fat concentrations and a higher risk of subclinical rumen acidosis and laminitis. The other animals – low-ranking cows – consume a higher proportion of roughage with a lower energy level than intended. This leads to lower peak production, weight loss and reduced fertility,’ says Mark van Raalte, Senior Feeding Specialist.

From 1 October, Lely will equip all new Vector feeding robots with the faster auger motor as standard. For more information, contact your local Lely Center.