Leading-edge tools help producers win the battle with mycotoxins


A sharp rise in attention to feed quality threats such as mycotoxins has put the Midwest U.S. and other key livestock production regions on guard. However new knowledge and innovations in grain management technology have emerged to help producers and their industries.

Experts have urged livestock sectors to be especially diligent about mycotoxins in 2019. Favorable conditions such as high moisture over the past fall harvest have promoted a high incidence, which can undermine feed quality for poultry, swine and other livestock.

‘Quiet’ yet critical issue

“It’s a quiet issue that many producers are overlooking — this is what we are hearing here at the Midwest Poultry show and more broadly across the industry,” says Paul Garvey, poultry representative with Canadian Bio-Systems Inc. (CBS Inc.) “The high-risk conditions have certainly contributed to the concern. Also, there is much greater awareness that even small incidence of contaminants can dramatically undercut feed value, resulting in reduced performance and profitability. While it’s critical to safeguard your feed during high risk years, industry is realizing with these issues becoming more common it’s good practice every year.”

New feed science innovations have emerged to provide reliable and practical solutions, he says. This includes improved testing options as well as feed additive options. “We have come a long way. The toolbox has not only expanded but become much more effective. Today we face increasing threats, but with the latest innovations our testing capability and grain management solutions provide us with excellent options. When producer ask us about mycotoxins, the first thing we ask is  ‘Have you thought about testing?’ – that’s the first step. The test results let  you know where you stand and you can use that information to apply the best solutions.”

High-risk conditions

Common sources of contaminants include pathogens such as fusarium, fungi such as ergot and other moisture-related issues such as mold, says CBS Inc. mycotoxins expert Dr. Tony Wang.  “In wet years the risk is much higher and often supports high risk conditions that carry over to the following year. For 2019 we are advising everyone to be even more diligent than normal in taking the right steps to safeguard the quality of feed and the performance of livestock consuming the feed.”

CBS Inc. offers a MycoCheck testing system backed by grain management feed technology such as the latest generation Maxi-Nutrio and NutraMix options. These highly advanced  feed technology options are designed to support clean feed and optimize feeding performance. More information on the CBS Inc. approach to mycotoxins and its “Protect. Bind. Repair.” solutions is available in this video. “We have learned that mycotoxins are a ubiquitous problem, however a multi-faceted approach to mycotoxin management that includes effective testing and the right feed technology can act as a very effective insurance policy for your feeding program,” says Wang.

Science drives solutions

Understanding mycotoxin impacts and how to mitigate them via feed integrity and feed technology approaches is a major focus for CBS Inc. Wang for example  has recently conducted ground-breaking research focused specifically on tackling the challenge of fusarium-related mycotoxins in poultry feed. This  has uncovered new knowledge on the timeframes when impacts are more pronounced and when targeted solutions can have the greatest impact. “Better solutions and greater precision is the future,” says Wang. “Today we have the knowledge to tailor approaches for different livestock, types of operations and stage of production cycle. Flexible dosages can be implemented to fit a wide range of feeding programs.”

CBS Inc. is celebrating its 10th year exhibiting at the Midwest Poultry show. Show participants can learn more by visiting Garvey and the CBS Inc. team at booth #552. Information on grain management technology and other CBS Inc. Feed Science Platforms will also be featured at additional upcoming swine, poultry and ruminant shows.

CBS Inc. is an innovation-focused company that researches, develops and manufactures a wide range of bio-based products used in feed, food and industrial applications. More information of CBS Inc. Feed Science Platforms is available at fsp.canadianbio.com and additional CBS Inc. information is available at www.canadianbio.com.