Kynetec Expands Its Machinery Data Capabilities With The Acquisition Of Systematics International Ltd


Source: Kynetec news release

Kynetec, a global leader in agricultural and animal health data and analytics has expanded its global machinery platform with the acquisition of Systematics International Ltd. Systematics International is a multi-award-winning global software development, data gathering and data analytics business who aggregate and report machinery volume statistics for world-wide closed and open data exchanges.

Daniel Wirth, Kynetec CEO said “we are excited that Systematics has joined Kynetec on this journey, as we continue to invest in industry-leading data solutions that are mission critical for leading agribusinesses across the world. Building on the 2022 acquisitions that we made in the machinery sector, namely Agriview in Australia and New Zealand, the Systematics International acquisition will enable us to expand our reach into tracking the machinery market across the globe whilst respecting data compliance rules surrounding closed and open data exchanges.”

Christine Bhatt and Manuel Bhatt, the previous owners of Systematics stated “we are delighted that Systematics will be joining forces with Kynetec as our two great businesses have such complementary strengths allowing us to expand the scope of our data sets benefitting the industries we work with. Both Kynetec and Systematics understand the importance and confidentiality of closed data exchange services delivered to trade associations and their members, with continued emphasis on retaining current exemplary work practices and customer relationships.

Carrying on with its strong family ethical values, the Systematics team will continue delivering timely, accurate and consistent data exchange services to manufacturers with the utmost respect and confidentiality.”

Going forward – Data insights and aggregation using leading edge technology

Together with Kynetec, Systematics will explore opportunities of expanding the open data exchanges, in particular the Global Registrations Data Monitor (GRDM), an advanced platform that collects machinery registration data from official bodies around the world, enabling rapid aggregation and reporting of data for new registrations of machinery across 32 markets in line with data compliance rules. With the rapid evolution of ag machinery – electrification, automation, AI – the tracking of changes in this market is increasingly important to players in the machinery sector.

Paul Walker, Kynetec’s Chief Operating Officer for Crop states “We have the opportunity to add significant value to our existing machinery clients and expand our reach with new clients. By subscribing to Systematics’ Global Registrations Data Monitor, and utilising our bespoke machinery Customer Insights, players in ag machinery can access deeper, more meaningful industry insights.”

The Bhatt’s add that “combining the capabilities of Systematics with Kynetec is exciting for our clients. Blending the existing GRDM data with Kynetec’s global crop protection and seed market data, combining our joint analytics capabilities, and continuing to invest in innovation and technology will provide new data, analytics and insights services to our existing client base.”

Christine Bhatt, Chief Executive Officer and Manuel Bhatt, Chief Finance and Strategic Planning Officer, will join Kynetec, together with their team of programmers and data analysts.

Having celebrated its 50th year anniversary in 2022, Systematics is a well-known and respected brand within ag machinery. The Systematics brand will be maintained for the foreseeable future. The brand will be “Systematics International – a Kynetec company”.

About Kynetec:

Kynetec is a global leader in agricultural and animal health data, analytics and insights, with a long history of expertise in animal health and nutrition, crop protection, farm machinery and equipment, seed/biotech and fertilisers.

Kynetec maintains a local presence across 30 major agriculture and animal health countries. Coverage extends to major and niche sectors of our industry, where we regularly undertake research projects in more than 80 countries.
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About Systematics International Limited:

For well over 50 years Systematics International Ltd have been offering specialised data services to worldwide trade associations and their members by creating, developing and managing data exchanges. In addition, Systematics gathers open-source data from a number of world-wide official organisations, providing exclusive market information for industry stakeholders to plan, benchmark, and grow their businesses.

The longevity of Systematics is driven by a set of strong values based on honesty and integrity, innovation, quality and customer service excellence with a team dedicated to delivering comprehensive market information with the utmost respect and confidentiality. Systematics is committed to driving innovation to bring value added services to the OEM’s and related industry sectors.
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