Increasing the reliability of management decisions impacting your farm’s profitability



To translate the genetics of an animal into an accurate performance prediction.

To increase reliability at a young age compared to parent averages leading to more accurate decisions and fewer costly mistakes!

To confirm or discover parentage!

To learn more about your herd’s recessive traits.

To get accurate predictions, even for traits that are less heritable, like health and fertility traits.

To get more precise information to enhance your genetic gain by selecting the best mating choices for your breeding animals.

Not Genotyped*Rel. : Reliability


$33 – High Density Standard Panel

Complete Canadian genomic evaluation with parentage verification.

Test once, and get up to date genetic evaluations for your animal’s lifetime.

Bundle and Save!
$40 combined Registration and Genomics

The most cost effective way to register and genomic test your calves before 3 months of age.

Applies to members submitting electronic registrations for non-ET Holstein Female calves at 50% or higher purity, outside of other enrolment programs.

New to genomic testing?

Contact us about special pricing on your first submission!

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