FLIR lending program


Source: Farm & Food Care

Farm & Food Care is operating a lending program of FLIR (heat sensing) modules to be used as a fire prevention and awareness tool by farmers.

By borrowing and using the FLIR modules it is hoped that farmers will increase their awareness of fire safety, potential risks and prevention. Farm & Food Care assumes no responsibility for what might be found or actions taken by a farmer on their operation. With any review of their electrical system, farmers are encouraged to discuss their concerns with a licenced electrician where appropriate.

Electrical Systems in Barns ~ OMAFRA factsheet

In most cases the exact cause of barn fires remains un-determined, but, it is believed that many start in the electrical systems of farms. The corrosive nature of the barn environment; dust from animals and bedding, moisture, and manure gases create an environment that is not friendly to electrical components, even when designed properly. Over time, it is believed that corrosion in receptacles can foster an environment where this corrosion leads to resistance and heat, where fires could start.

Inspections with FLIR (heat sensing) cameras can help to detect components that may be overloaded or corroded which create a fire risk potential.

The FLIR cameras are of two types:
– A FLIR Spot Thermal, gun style with a small screen and internal camera card for image storage
– A “plug in” module for a smart phone or tablet, these come in specific Apple (IOS) or Android models, where the phone becomes the screen and storage device for thermal images or video.

If you need more info or would like to borrow one of the FLIR modules or guns please contact:

  • Bruce Kelly, Farm & Food Care Ontario
    519 837 1326 ext. 292
  • Sandra McCann/Jacqui Empson Laporte
    OMAFRA Clinton Resource Centre
    519 482-3333 or 519 482 1288