Fetal protection against BVDV


Source: Zoetis

Elizabeth Doré, DVM, Dipl. ACVIM, M.Sc., Manager, Veterinary Services Zoetis Canada, is a widely respected specialist in bovine medicine whose opinions and insights are sought out by a wide range of producers, veterinarians and industry groups.

Dr. Doré’s latest article is a reflection of her continued professional interest in vaccination for controlling bovine viral diarrhea virus, or BVDV, in this instance in reproductive animals.

Despite the name, BVDV’s effects go beyond the digestive system to include reproductive and respiratory illnesses as well as immunosuppression, making an animal susceptible to other infections. Infection in dams can cause embryonic death and other serious reproductive outcomes including persistently infected fetus, or PI.

Dr. Doré looks at the need to eliminate the reservoir of the disease and on controlling transmission through removal of persistently infected animals. And while vaccination is widely viewed as a key component in the control of BVDV, Doré stresses that vaccines offering fetal protection (FP) to the fetus in utero are the most essential of all. She explores a variety of scenarios requiring different vaccination protocols best developed with input from a veterinarian, as well as management of best practices to help prevent re-introduction of BVDV back into the herd.

When it comes to tools used for the control of BVDV in reproductive cattle, Zoetis offers a line of fetal protection vaccines that are recognized by the letters FP in the product name, including Bovi‑Shield® GOLD FP®5 and CattleMaster® GOLD FP®5. Talk to your veterinarian about how to make these vaccines part of an effective control program for managing BVDV and other diseases in your herd.

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