Enhance Your Dairy Farm’s Forage Quality with Maizex Seeds


Maizex Seeds, a trusted name in the Canadian dairy industry for 40 years, has announced its exclusive forage varieties will now be marketed under the Maizex brand across Eastern Canada. The switch to one brand means farmers can now buy corn, soybean, and forage seed under the Maizex label, allowing the company to maintain its focus on performance and quality.

For dairy farmers, this means improved access to forage crops that promise enhanced yield, nutritional value, and adaptability to local growing conditions. The goal is to support dairy farmers in producing high-quality feed that translates to healthier herds, better milk production, and ultimately higher revenue.

We understand that having the right products for your ration and farm is critical to profitability and that every farm is different in its approach to feed use and efficiency. This is why our development and agronomy teams are focused on the testing, selection, and in-field support of forage seed varieties to meet the specific nutrition and agronomic needs of farmers like you. Click here for an overview of the blends we have available for the Ontario market.