DFC statement on Farmgate Milk Pricing


Source: Dairy Farmers of Canada

Each year, the Canadian Dairy Commission (CDC) reviews the cost of production data using an established formula to assess whether there is a need for a price adjustment of milk at farmgate, the price allocated to dairy farmers. The CDC consults industry stakeholders in making its final decision. This year, the calculations support a price adjustment of 1.77%, but dairy farmers recommend that this adjustment be delayed.

“Dairy farmers and their families are also consumers and experience the high cost of food these days. Recognizing the current level of food inflation and in solidarity with all Canadians, we have recommended the Canadian Dairy Commission delay its application of the price adjustment on milk until further notice,” said DFC President David Wiens.

“That said, the price consumers pay for dairy products is ultimately determined by other players in the supply chain. Our hope is that our decision will result in other actors maintaining the price of dairy products at a time when food inflation hovers around 9%,” added Mr. Wiens.