Boumatic Introduces the Next Generation of Gemini Milking Robot


Introducing the Gemini UP, a distinctive solution for any herd size

BouMatic introduces the next generation of Gemini, the milking robot. The first-generation robot was launched in 2011. Over the years the model has been optimized with new benefits to take it to the next level. Therefore, the new milking robot will be launched with the name of Gemini UP to help reinforce the new level of performance that can be achieved for milk production.

The Gemini UP has been developed with the focus on the best milking practices, cow comfort and lowering energy consumption. On top of the unrivaled, well known Gemini robot features, such as the unique rear attachment approach and the unobstructed open view, the upgrade contains a vast list of new cutting-edge features.

Optimized milk path, according to BouMatic milking philosophy One of the major upgrades, at the heart of the milking robot, is the optimized milk path, resulting in simply better milking. The milk flows now per quarter, without any restrictions, into the milk receiver. The new quarter milk line has an internal diameter of 19mm, which is unprecedent in the market. This leads to maximum vacuum stability and a continuous milk flow without any blockages.  Even cows with the highest milk flows are milked optimally in the Gemini UP. This proves that our robotic system follows the same tried-and-true method as conventional milking.

Improved energy consumption in a modular system Furthermore, the Gemini UP features an improved energy consumption. This is mainly due to the new mechanical circulation cleaning, which consumes less water at a lower temperature. The washing unit is placed in the external technical room and is centralized regardless of the number of robots in a dairy farm. So, in case a farm has numerous robots, one washing unit manages all cleaning cycles.

The same counts for the vacuum system and buffer tank. These are now centralized into one unit. More Geminis can be attached to these central units. This means that the system is modular and adaptable to all kinds of configurations, from small family farms to big commercial farms.

Cutting edge vision system
Gemini UP attaches cows fast and accurately thanks to machine learning technology implementation. This breakthrough technology now looks at udder imagery gathered from a wide range of cows and has allowed attachment and ultimately the throughput to rise-up to the next level for your dairy. The vision system helps to continuously adjust knowledge about different, individual cow features such as udder and teat shapes and colors leading into a quicker and more reliable milking. BouMatic herewith introduces AI into the milking industry.
“Everyone has a time-of-flight camera, but due to our proprietary algorithms based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, for farms from family through commercial, we now can offer professional grade performance and really advance their dairies with this technology,” explains Christopher Marconi, Chief Commercial Officer for BouMatic North America.

Full robotics solutions for all farm types “Continuing development and innovation is what BouMatic represents. We are always working on the optimization of our systems, taking the feedback from our customers and dealers into account. This new milking robot is thoroughly tested, and we believe it offers excellent performance and cow comfort,” says Uwe Osthues, Chief Commercial Officer for BouMatic Europe.
“The new features are too numerous to sum up,” completes Steve Pretz, President of BouMatic. “But one of the most important advantages is that we can now offer a full robotic solution to all types of dairy farmers, from small farms with less than 240 cows up to big commercial farms with 2000 cows. Mainly thanks to the above-mentioned centralized systems and the recently added Gemini MAX, Herd milking system. In this system a group of cows are guided at fixed times to the robotic parlor.”


The Gemini UP milking robot is available on the market immediately through the worldwide BouMatic dealer network.