BarnTalk launched, remotely monitor livestock facility conditions


Source: BarnTalk news release








For livestock and poultry producers looking for improved remote visibility of real-time environmental barn conditions to quickly identify and address costly issues impacting animal health and/or operational inefficiencies, BarnTools introduces BarnTalk, a plug-n-play, smart-barn monitoring solution including wireless sensors and an easy-to-use mobile app.

BarnTalk monitors your barn’s internal and external temperature, humidity, water consumption and power – and does all this from an easy-to-use and secure mobile app that displays real-time barn conditions – and alerts you when those environmental conditions fall outside the norm.

“We’ve collected nearly 100,000,000 data points across approximately 200 sensors in 40 barns,” said Michael Hansen, BarnTools CEO. “Temperatures in large rooms can vary greatly depending on seasons and time of day. Ensuring optimal temperatures in each growing stage can add to your bottom line and allows for ideal animal conditions at all times.”

The smart-barn monitoring solution delivers the data you need to operate more efficiently. BarnTalk delivers reliable barn connectivity, real-time data and analytics via mobile app, and requires no wiring or costly installation and maintenance.
“The most important thing we’ve learned is that you can’t fix what you can’t see,” said Hansen. “With the help of BarnTalk, producers can identify and address costly issues before they impact animal health, performance and/or operational inefficiencies.”