U.S. Dairy Farmers Get Carbon-Asset Payments For Using Alltech’s Agolin Ruminant


Source: Alltech news release

Three carbon projects initiated in 2021 and 2022 have issued nearly $3 million in carbon-asset payments to U.S. dairy farmers who used Agolin Ruminant to create verified emissions reductions.

A verified emissions reduction is a carbon asset that can be used as an offset or within a value chain. It represents 1 tonne of greenhouse gas emissions equivalent that is either avoided or removed from the atmosphere through an intervention that has been independently verified as part of a carbon reduction project.

Agolin Ruminant is a proprietary blend of essential oils that improves milk production and feed efficiency in beef and dairy cattle. In 2018, it became the first feed additive certified by The Carbon Trust for methane reduction in ruminants. Today, Agolin Ruminant is included in the diets of more than 2 million dairy cows worldwide, and leading carbon methodology owners Verra and Gold Standard recognize it in their international climate protection project registries.

Concord Agriculture Partners has chosen Agolin Ruminant to create a new carbon inset project which guarantees that participating dairy producers will receive an industry-leading 85% of the gross value of the carbon asset.

Carbon inset projects focus on taking steps to avoid emissions, whereas carbon offset projects are designed to reduce or remove greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere to compensate for emissions produced elsewhere. By focusing on the purchase of insets and using global standards, Concord’s project delivers increased market confidence and drives greater value for dairy producers.

Concord continues to work with value chain carbon buyers to ensure that they deliver the greatest value to the farmgate by helping companies throughout the agri-food value chain meet their ESG goals.

Alltech, a global leader in agriculture, acquired a majority interest in Agolin SA in May 2023. Founded in Switzerland in 2006, Agolin has developed and produced plant-based nutrition solutions that have been scientifically proven to improve herd performance, profitability and sustainability.

Agolin, now an Alltech technology, empowers farmers and ranchers to reach their sustainability and profitability goals while also supporting the performance of the cattle in their herds and supply chains. The synergistic use of Alltech and Agolin nutritional technologies leads to benefits such as improved animal welfare, greater feed efficiency and conversion, enhanced milk and meat production, increased profitability, and a reduced environmental footprint, including a boost in nitrogen efficiency.

Learn more at alltech.com/agolin.

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