Sukup Manufacturing Acquires Automation Distributor Ramco Innovations


Source: Sukup Manufacturing Co. news release

Sukup Manufacturing Co. is excited to announce its acquisition of Ramco Innovations, a leading automation distributor in the Midwest.

The strategic partnership brings together the expertise and resources of the two industry leaders.

Sheffield-based Sukup is known as an innovator in reliable grain storage, drying, and handling solutions. That reputation for quality and reliability combined with Ramco’s deep understanding of automation technologies will create a collaboration that drives innovation and enhances customer experiences in the industrial sector.

This acquisition will result in the formation of a unique entity, Sukup Innovations. That entity will oversee Ramco Innovations and Sukup Innovations’ AgTech offerings. Ramco Innovations will retain its name, operations, and current locations. Ramco and its 65 employees will remain based at 1207 Maple St. near Valley Junction, and its four other locations in Nebraska, Kansas, Illinois, and Missouri.

“We are thrilled to welcome Ramco into the Sukup family and to embark on this exciting journey together,” said Steve Sukup, President of Sukup Manufacturing Co. “This collaboration represents a significant milestone for both companies and reaffirms our dedication to delivering unmatched value to our customers. With the expertise of our teams and foundational leadership, we are confident that together we will set new standards in the industry.”

Emily Schmitt, Sukup CAO, believes that bridging these two companies will enhance both corporate capabilities. “Sukup has always held our advanced manufacturing capabilities as

a core strength,” Schmitt emphasizes. “We see this acquisition as a way to advance not only our manufacturing innovation but also taking that advanced automation to the farm.”

Hank Norem, Ramco CEO, will serve as Chief Innovation Officer of the unique entity formed through this acquisition, Sukup Innovations. He will also serve on the Sukup Executive Team. Sukup Innovations will provide comprehensive, high-tech solutions tailored to the unique needs of clients in agriculture and various industrial sectors.

“This acquisition gives us the ability to realize the full potential of Sukup’s products and bring enterprise level automation to farm operations of any size. We have seen the widespread adoption of our customer-friendly products, and we want to enhance that experience.” said Matt Koch, Sukup CMO. “After many years of development, we are excited to see our automation platform come to fruition.”

Norem expressed his enthusiasm for what the future holds, “Myself and the Ramco team are honored to be a part of this innovative venture, and I am excited about the endless possibilities that lie ahead. By leveraging our collective strengths, we will create solutions that drive efficiency, productivity, and growth for our clients. Together, we will transform challenges into opportunities and set new benchmarks for excellence.”

Ramco will continue its operations and growth as a value-added distributor throughout the Midwest region. The company will uphold its commitment to delivering state-of-the-art automation solutions and exceptional customer service, building on its legacy of excellence in the industry.

About Sukup Manufacturing Co.:

Sukup Manufacturing Co. is a leading provider of grain storage, handling, and drying solutions worldwide. Founded in 1963, the company is family-owned with 800+ employees. Sukup sells product in all 50 states and has international locations in Denmark and Ukraine. They are committed to engineering innovative products to enhance the efficiency and profitability of agricultural operations.

About Ramco Innovations:

Ramco Innovations is a reputable automation distributor specializing in delivering high-tech solutions to customers in the Midwest region. Founded in 1962, the company has 65 employees and sells products throughout the Midwest. Built on exceptional service with cutting-edge technologies, Ramco has established a strong reputation for reliability and excellence in the automation industry and throughout its five locations.