Podcast: “Navigating Transition Cow Health and Accelerating Dairy’s Progress Via Science and Medicine with Stephen Leblanc, DVM, DVSC”


Why is it such an incredibly exciting time in both dairy science and veterinary medicine? Find out as Matt sits down with Stephen LeBlanc, director of the prestigious Dairy at Guelph—a center that supports collaboration between dairy-related researchers—a member of the ADSA Board of Directors, and professor and research leadership chair at the University of Guelph. Stephen walks us through exactly what goes into a doctor of veterinary science (DVSc) degree and outlines his research to improve the prevention and treatment of reproductive disease in dairy herds, as well as his passion for bridging applied veterinary medicine with dairy science research. The two unpack the learnings from the joint reproduction, physiology, and endocrinology and ruminant nutrition symposium at the ADSA Annual Meeting, and wrestle with the hot topic of what is “normal” around dairy cow inflammation. Stephen gives Matt a rapid-fire round of the latest clinical recommendations and treatment protocols for uterine health issues frequently faced by dairy producers, including metritis and postpartum purulent vaginal discharge. Finally, don’t miss a boost of inspiration as Stephen explains why breaking down traditional barriers between dairy disciplines is accelerating our progress as an industry and making today the best time to be in dairy.